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Consultancy Services (TCS) wins Leaders In Education Technology 2023 at the renowned Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Consultancy Services (TCS) wins Leaders In Education Technology 2023 at the renowned Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

With great pride, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announces its recent win as Leaders In Education Technology 2023 at the renowned Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards. Out of a group of prestigious competitors, they won two outstanding accolades.

In the Best Emerging EdTech Solution category, TCS iON PAPER: Redefining Learning and Assessment won the prestigious silver medal. This accomplishment offers a new viewpoint on learning and evaluation approaches and demonstrates our dedication to changing the face of education technology.

Furthermore, TCS won the bronze medal in the Best Assessment, Survey, and Testing Solution category with their entry titled TCS iON Digital Assessment Platform. This distinction highlights the role of TCS iON’s digital solutions in supporting productive evaluation procedures in learning environments.

About Brandon Hall Group

Brandon Hall Group is the pinnacle of professional development, providing enterprises, learning, and talent executives with an extensive range of data-driven solutions. With a proven track record, Brandon Hall Group is the preferred partner for industry leaders.

With a history of over three decades, Brandon Hall Group has been instrumental in empowering organisations globally, impacting the growth trajectories of over 10 million professionals. Brandon Hall Group’s esteemed Excellence Awards program is central to this legacy and is widely recognized as the pinnacle of achievement in the field.

The excellence awards program, which stands out for having strict evaluation standards, recognizes companies that have used strategies, tools, and initiatives that have produced measurable results. Attracting participation from various organisations—including government agencies, non-profits, and small and large businesses—the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards is a leader in professional development recognition.

TCS iON’s Digital Assessment

TCS iON’s Digital Assessment offering’s capacity to assess using several models accommodates a range of learning preferences and guarantees an exhaustive evaluation procedure.

TCS iON Digital Assessment establishes itself as a reliable partner for professional certification and talent assessment by guaranteeing assurance and reliability.

Key Features

  1. No Proctoring: Candidates can take exams from anywhere without supervision, which is suitable for practice tests prioritising convenience over strict security.
  2. Low Proctoring: Provides basic oversight, locking down devices to prevent internet access, and is ideal for low-stakes assessments, balancing convenience with minimal security.
  3. Remote Human Proctoring: Ensures exam integrity with remote oversight, monitoring candidate feeds for compliance with guidelines suitable for assessments requiring stringent security measures.
  4. Machine Proctoring: Offers a real-time analysis of candidate behaviour, combined with remote human monitoring for comprehensive security, perfect for high-stakes exams prioritising integrity.

TCS also provide a diverse array of learning programs tailored for students at various educational levels, including school, high school, youth, and vocational education.

Forward Focus

“Winning the prestigious award has infused our team with a newfound momentum and determination. It encourages us to continue pushing the envelope and validates our unwavering dedication to quality. Using this momentum, we are ready to advance into a new category of excellent products. We will not waver in our commitment to innovation and ongoing development to maintain our position as the industry leader in quality. We’re sure that TCS iON will not only hold onto its top spot but also raise the standard in the future because of its forward-thinking strategy and commitment to comprehending and foreseeing the changing wants of our clients.
In the years to come, our constant dedication to providing trustworthy solutions and our unrelenting pursuit of perfection will solidify our position as the go-to partner for businesses looking for revolutionary EdTech solutions.”




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