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Transforming Assessment Webinar: Selected Showcase of e-Assessment Award Winners

Transforming Assessment Webinar: Selected Showcase of e-Assessment Award Winners

Every year, the e-Assessment Association partners with the Australian organization, Transforming Assessment, to bring together a showcase of selected winners of the annual international e-Assessment Awards.

Transforming Assessment: Rethinking assessment in a participatory digital world - Sharing innovative assessment in Higher Education.

Transforming Assessment is an ASCILITE SIG

Transforming Assessment is all about exploring assessment in higher education with a particular focus on use of technology to enhance the assessment of student learning (e-assessment) and the e-Assessment Association is grateful for the ongong collaboration and facilitation of this annual partnership.

Our 2022 collaboration webinar was introduced by eAA Board Member Paul Muir. Paul is Head of Technology Enabled Assessment at the British Council. Joining Paul are representatives from three selected award-winning projects:

1 Best Summative Assessment Project 2022: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology. Presented by Manish Mohta, Director, Learning Spiral Pvt. Ltd.

Explores how large scale online proctored exams were implemented at Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, India for 300,000 students per year.

Best International Implementation 2022: NEBOSH International Digital Assessments. Presented by Dee Arp, Chief Operating Officer, NEBOSH.

This e-Assessment Award focuses on innovation and effective implementation of a project in one or more countries outside of the main country of operation. NEBOSH operated from Leicester in the United Kingdom. We moved all of our core assessments from paper-based live invigilated examinations to online closed book assessments with surrounding quality assurance features. This was achieved in approximately 140 countries in a short period to enable our learners to continue their learning journey in Health and Safety during the pandemic.

3 Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment 2022: Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) with ACER Signum - online standard setting application. Presented by Dr Jacob Pearce, Principal Research Fellow, Specialist & Professional Assessment, Tertiary Education (ACER) and Dr Ammar Aldaoud, Research Fellow, Assessment & Reporting (ACER).

ACER Signum is an online application designed to facilitate standard setting. The process involves harnessing expert judgment on assessment items to determine passing standards. ACER Signum ensures a seamless user experience while contributing to high-quality, robust assessment practice.

The session concluded with an opportunity to ask questions.



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