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Thunder Bay Migrates to 100% Virtual Certification Process Using Talview

Thunder Bay Migrates to 100% Virtual Certification Process Using Talview

Company profile

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit (TBDHU) is one of the 35 Public Health Units operating in the Province of Ontario, Canada. They are a non-profit agency funded jointly by the provincial government and the municipalities they serve. TBDHU oversees a geographic area of over approximately 230,000 square kilometers, with approximately 146,000 residents.

As a committed progressive public health agency, TBDHU is committed to improving health and reducing social inequities in health through evidence-informed practice. They work with individuals, families, coalitions, and partner agencies to promote and protect health and to prevent disease.

Why was TBDHU looking for a change?

For over 15 years, TBDHU has been instrumental in creating a program for everyone living in Ontario to get easy access to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care recognized food handler certification. The certification exams were conducted in the traditional in-person format, incurring much cost in terms of time, money, and effort.

TBDHU was scouting the market for a cost-effective solution that could help them transition from in-person to an online certification while maintaining exam integrity and reducing operational costs substantially. They also were looking to expand the reach of the program beyond the current geographical location. They saw the perfect match with the Talview Proctoring solution.

TBDHU Launched Secure Online Certifications with Talview

TBDHU now has a 100% virtual certification process that allows test-takers from across Canada to get certified remotely. The Talview Proctoring Solution helped TBDHU to:

  • Leverage AI-enabled remotely proctored exams that ensure safe and secure assessment of the test-takers from anywhere.
  • Record and store candidate responses that could be reviewed anytime
  • Provide the panel flexibility to evaluate candidates anytime, anywhere on any device, as well as quick feedback and rating system
  • Scale up the certification process while maintaining evaluation consistency and test integrity

Customer Quote:

“Using Talview as a proctor has been a really good option for us. People are really using this opportunity at home to get certified in a variety of things. So, we’ve been very positively impacted by using Talview [proctoring solution] and we’re very happy with the service.”

Treena Tomiak-Sicard, Program Assistant, Thunder Bay District Health Unit, Ontario, Canada

Case Study Summary


  • Increased operational costs due to in-person exams
  • Inability to conduct large scale exams due to the limited geographical reach of the program
  • Security and integrity of online exams
  • High demand and low availability of manpower


  • Safe and secure testing environment with remotely proctored exams on a third-party test engine
  • Seamlessly integrate AI-powered Talview Proview Remote Proctoring solution
  • Access to high-quality video logs, anywhere, anytime
  • Easy candidate evaluation, feedback, and rating with a mobile-first approach
  • Minimal human involvement with AI-enabled proctoring


  • Safe and secure, 100% online testing environment
  • Significant increase in the number of applicants, from 50 in a week to 100-150 in a week
  • Increased reach across geographies
  • Remarkable decrease in operational cost

About Talview

Talview offers an end-to-end, AI-powered hiring and proctoring solution that unifies how organizations screen, interview, and assess top candidates and learners, while ensuring a simple, engaging experience for everyone. From the testing center to the office to the home, Talview reimagines, humanizes, and democratizes large-scale recruiting and credentialing processes so every person can realize their full potential both academically and professionally.

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