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TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT): A Link between Corporates and Fresh Talent

Over the past few months, there has been a gloom of economic disruption and job uncertainty worldwide. Students at the undergraduate level and fresh pass-outs are afraid of companies not hiring new talent as business recovery and cost-cutting took precedence during the crisis.

No doubt that the impact of the crisis has had varied effects across industries, but the positive side is that industry sectors such as financial services, e-commerce, healthcare, edutech, and business software are trying to get on-board new talent and work towards business recovery.

The new normal ushers in new hiring culture

With the new normal eliminating campus recruitment and in-person candidate interviews to a great extent, how do organisations scout for the best talent? How does the youth learn about companies hiring fresh talent? How do they get closer to their dream jobs in top companies? 

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) had envisioned virtual recruitment possibilities much before the crisis. In 2018, TCS conducted TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT), a Pan-India test for India’s engineering graduates. The online test was a massive success, with aspiring students from all across India getting access to career opportunities at TCS.

Bridging the gap between employers and fresh talent

The National Qualifier Test (NQT) is a national-level assessment of general abilities, including verbal, numerical, and reasoning abilities, to test the aspirants’ readiness for corporate jobs. This year, TCS extended the National Qualifier Test (NQT) to multiple organisations, thus providing students in India a gateway to thousands of top jobs. The mission was dual democratisation wherein corporates hire the best talent, and job seekers find their desired roles. 

Any pre-final or final year student or fresh graduate with any specialisation and up to two years of experience could take this test. The score would prove the students’ competencies for job roles in leading organisations in IT, BFSI, manufacturing, pharma, and FMCG sectors, including TCS. This single exam would also give students insights on where they stand and motivate them to upskill for their desired careers. Besides, unlimited test attempts would also encourage students to perform better and pursue their career goals. 

This standardized test for the year 2020 was conducted on TCS iONTM platform and will provide candidates access to multiple corporates, while helping corporates get an in-depth understanding of applicants’ cognitive abilities, and reduce evaluation overheads. 

A location-agnostic recruitment exam  

TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT) is a structured Remote Proctored Assessment that increases aspirants’ visibility in the job market.  The test is location-agnostic, wherein students can give the exam at the TCS iON Centre, equipped with social distancing and hygiene standards. Or they can take the test from the comfort of their homes. Our AI/ML-enabled remote assessment mode ensures enhanced scalability, speed, and security without compromising the new safety standards. Here’s a brief detail on the three-pronged approach of the remote assessment: 

Scalability: Our remote assessment solution enables rapid scaling wherein millions of candidates can undertake the test at the same time, from any geographic location. This year, TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT) was conducted for around 750,000 candidates in 12 shifts through the remote assessment mode. 

Speed: The three-hour online test was conducted for around 50,000 candidates at one time. Such scalability, in a short duration, saves students’ time and leads to a faster and efficient assessment.   

Security: Our remote assessment solution proctors candidates through machine-based or human-based monitoring. The solution is designed to alert suspicious activities like absence during the exam or more than one person appearing for the test. This year’s NQT was conducted securely under the vigilance of 2,500 proctors. 

Apart from being an agile and effective recruitment exam, TCS NQT has also proven to be an all-inclusive exam, allowing students with no access to computers at home to perform the test at the TCS iON centre. Our technology-driven remote proctored assessments can also be a strategic link between UK industries, educational institutes, and students. Together, we can encourage the UK youth to leverage career possibilities through this single test.


For more information, please contact Nikhil, Business Development Manager, TCS iON on +44 788 5824261 or via email: [email protected]

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