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SarasTM Test and Assessment for a leading Public University in Saudi Arabia

SarasTM Test and Assessment for a leading Public University in Saudi Arabia

Excelsoft have been working with a leading Public University in Saudi Arabia who are pioneers of technology adoption in colleges across the region. The University complies with the National Transformation Program and follows the Kingdom 2030 plan to make the university the first choice for students.In 2022, the University sought to migrate its legacy assessment system to Excelsoft’s Saras Test and Assessment to deliver academic high-stakes exams. The client deployed Excelsoft’s Saras Test and Assessment as the sole end-to-end assessment platform. The aim was to increase the process efficiency and facilitate a robust, inclusive, easy-to-use assessment solution for their professors and students.

Key Challenges

Solution Highlights




Transitioning of the Assessment Platform included:
• The platform had to go live in 10 days
• 10,000 items to be migrated from the legacy system
• Implementing the Authentication system between university ADS & SarasTM
• Branding & setting up workflows
• Quick setup of Item repository structure to pool Items.

Excelsoft Saras Test and Assessment readily addressed the client’s key pain points.
The solution included the following:

  • Authoring and Evaluation of Items with pre-defined scores and rules for evaluation.
  • Construction of Exams to deliver random passage-based questions spread across multiple sections.
  • Seamless Integration with the University’s IT ecosystem.
  •  Exam scheduling to conduct on-demand and fixed-duration exams.
  • Verification and Moderation of Scores of exams by the University panel and facilitating feedback for test Item improvisation.
  • Secure Access to the platform within the university campus on their private network.

Excelsoft Saras Test ad Assessment implementation enabled the university to transition from its legacy system quickly. All of the University's high-stakes exams are delivered through Saras Test and Assessment. Students and faculty have adopted the upgraded system with minimal difficulty.

Key Milestones achieved with Saras Test and Assessment

  • 18,000+ Tests delivered in 3 days
  • 7,000+ Registered Users
  • 25,000+ Items migrated from the legacy system

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