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Examity Helps Epic Accelerate Hiring and Improve Testing Experience Globally

Examity Helps Epic Accelerate Hiring and Improve Testing Experience Globally

Epic is an electronic health record (EHR) software company with a mission to help people now and in the future get well and stay well.
Headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin, Epic operates in 15 different countries supporting 2,300+ hospitals, 62,000+ clinics, and many of the largest payers in the world.
Testing is an important part of Epic’s internal and external operations. Each year, their recruiters and certified trainers administer over 150,000 tests, more than half of which require online proctoring.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Examity, negative online testing experiences were repelling job candidates and frustrating physicians, nurses, and other healthcare staff trying to get certified on one of Epic’s applications. Their customers, including many of the largest and most prestigious health systems in the world, were complaining about wasting their staff’s time. In addition, Epic recruiters found it difficult to compete for top talent against other software companies from Silicon Valley, Seattle, Austin, and Boston.

What were some of the problems? Test-takers struggled to find convenient and available proctoring appointments. To take the tests, people had to download software, which became problematic. Some non-technical people found downloading software confusing, while some tech-savvy people did not want to download software at all for data privacy reasons. When scheduled test times arrived, test-takers frequently had long wait times for their proctor and could expect an additional 15-20 minutes before launching their proctored exam. If the test-takers had a question, they could wait minutes before getting a

The Solution

Examity was able to offer Epic’s test-takers 24/7 access to an online proctored or auto proctored exam with no need to download software. Their solution was based in the web browser, which simplified the test-taking workflow and dramatically improved the test-taking experience. Test-takers were greeted with an easy-to-understand user interface and could expect to wait less than 2 minutes to get started. As a result, test-taker satisfaction was greatly increased, and Epic was able to rapidly scale up the number of people taking online

Online proctoring is an extension of the Epic experience, whether you are testing to get a job or testing to get certified in one of our applications, it is critical that the online test-taking experience is fast and convenient.

Maria Szychlinski, Human Resources, Epic


Improved test-taking convenience with testing anytime, anywhere

  • Eliminated the need to schedule tests when utilizing auto proctoring
  • Removed the requirement for test-takers to download software
  • Decreased the wait time to take a test 87% once the test-taker arrived
  • Decreased the number of job candidates opting out of Epic’s recruitment process
  • Increased test-taker satisfaction
  • Doubled the number of tests that were taken online
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities, leading to better performance transparency

We hire a lot of different roles: we hire facilities [workers], engineers, and some of those roles might be more “high-touch” or perhaps not as “technical-savvy,” so having that live proctor available might be better for them. Some others might prefer automated assessments and not having someone there to intervene. That has been extremely helpful for us.

Mike Boltz, Human Resources, Epic

About Examity

Examity was founded to meet the needs of universities, employers, and assessment providers looking to protect test integrity. Since 2013, Examity has partnered with hundreds of organizations worldwide to provide a cost-effective and flexible online exam proctoring solution.

Curious to learn how Examity can support your online proctoring needs?

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