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Eastern Washington University (EWU) Conducts Online Admissions Four Times Faster Using Talview

Eastern Washington University (EWU) Conducts Online Admissions Four Times Faster Using Talview

A case study from Talview

About the Organization

Founded in 1882, Eastern Washington University (EWU) is a regional, comprehensive public university located in Cheney, Washington. Spread across an area of a 300-acre park-like campus, EWU offers over 150 fields of study and a low student-to-faculty ratio of 22:1. A focus on personal attention, faculty excellence, and community collaboration allows EWU to accomplish its mission of preparing well-rounded students ready to hit the ground running in their chosen career fields.

Why was EWU looking for a change?

For more than a  century and a half, EWU has been admitting students by painstakingly conducting a 45-minute personal interview for every candidate. As the number of courses offered increased, so did the number of students appearing for the admission process. A lot of time was being wasted in not just scheduling the sessions but also interviewing each candidate. Using video conference platforms proved ineffective as the panelists still had to put in much effort in scheduling & evaluating them.

EWU was on a lookout for a cost-effective tool that could ease their admission process by capturing student responses via video logs while also enabling the panelists to review the answers at their convenience. They saw a natural fit with Talview.

EWU Launched Talview’s AI-Enabled Video Interviews

EWU now has a centralized admission process to interview candidates for their graduate program. The Talview platform has helped EWU to:

  • Leverage AI-enabled remotely proctored video interviews that could be selectively shared for reviews with panels without any scheduling constraints
  • Record and store candidate response that could be revisited anytime
  • Provide the panel flexibility to evaluate the candidates anytime, anywhere on any device with quick feedback and rating system
  • Scale up the admission process but maintain evaluation consistency

Why Talview?

  • State of the art solution with AI-enabled video interviews
  • Access high-quality video log anytime that can help panelist effectively compare & rate applicants
  • Easy candidate evaluation, feedback, and rating with a mobile-first approach
  • Resonate with digitally native Gen Z and provide great admission experience

Case Study Summary


  • Increased time & effort in interviewing candidates
  • Complete dependency between candidate & panel to schedule preliminary interviews
  • Inability to revisit & review the candidate’s response based on panel convenience
  • Scale the interview process with reduced constraints


  • Asynchronous video interviews
  • Quick access to recorded interviews, anytime, anywhere
  • Pre-defined parameters & structured interview process
  • Easy evaluation & quick feedback with mobile dashboard

Business Benefits Achieved:

  • Quicker evaluation reducing the cost of admission
  • Easy-to-scale standardized admission process
  • The efficiency of the panel increased 4x times with video interviews and easy mobile evaluation
  • Better digitized experience to panel members and digitally native Gen Z students

About Talview

Talview offers an end-to-end, AI-powered hiring and proctoring solution that unifies how organizations screen, interview, and assess top candidates and learners, while ensuring a simple, engaging experience for everyone. From the testing center to the office to the home, Talview reimagines, humanizes, and democratizes large-scale recruiting and credentialing processes so every person can realize their full potential both academically and professionally.

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