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An e-portfolio is an electronically-based portfolio system which is modelled on the working method used for paper portfolios. It consists of a system and process that enables secure, computer based verification and assessment evidence. The use of
e-portfolios in assessment has been adopted by many awarding bodies and accepted by the regulators.

There are various types of e-portfolio systems ranging from a secure file storage function within a stand-alone system, to more sophisticated web-based products, or they may be part of a VLE. The centre may also decide to develop their own
e-portfolio system.


There are a range of benefits for those involved in using e-portfolios, enabling learners to demonstrate skills and present tremendous opportunities to increase the range of evidence types accessible to both learners and assessors.
E-portfolios are flexible, cost effective and improve the assessment process. Additional benefits include the ability to access the e-portfolio from any networked or web enabled computer. This is accessible by a number of password protected users.

Journey of Evidence

Examine the stages in the Journey of Evidence.

Evidence uploaded
The e-portfolio allows learners to store evidence in a variety of formats using various forms of media.
Evidence assessed
Assessors, moderators, verifiers will all have secure log in and passwords unique to them which enables them to access their learners e-portfolios.
Evidence verification
Internal verifiers/ moderators will all have secure log in and passwords unique to them which enables them to access their learners e-portfolios and any assessment records.
Evidence journey completed
Centres will have agreed their e-portfolio product with their awarding body. Most products will accommodate a variety of qualifications.


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