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e-Assessment Toolkit

e-Assessment Toolkit

The e-Assessment Toolkit exists to provide clear, current, practical information to e-assessment practitioners, or those thinking of adopting e-assessment. The toolkit offers useful tools and resources, helping users to develop and share their knowledge of e-assessment for effective implementation.

bogdanco_ToolkitWhat is e-Assessment?

E-assessment as a single term describes a range of learning and assessment activities that have distinct meanings in their own contexts e.g. electronic marking, online assessment, computer-aided assessment and direct on-screen testing are all referred to as e-assessment.

The toolkit is for those involved in the management and delivery of e-assessment in centres offering accredited vocational qualifications and covers two key aspects of e-assessment: the management and delivery of e-testing and the use of e-portfolios for assessment.

Note: The content of this toolkit has been adapted from material provided by the regulator Ofqual.

e-Assessment: Guide to Effective Practice

This guide has been developed to support effective practice and quality improvement in the assessment of qualifications. The guide has been developed by a team at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), supported by colleagues from the other qualifications regulators and by e-assessment practitioners across the post-school sector.


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