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The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) Adds Technology and Multimedia to Language Proficiency Exams with TAO

The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) Adds Technology and Multimedia to Language Proficiency Exams with TAO

The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) supports the single largest school system in the United States, serving 1.1 million students in over 1,800 schools located across more than 32 communities. A global hub for cultural diversity, NYC students and their parents communicate in over 180 different languages. 

As part of their mission, the NYCDOE offers comprehensive proficiency examinations in world languages to enable their high school students to meet the Advanced Regents diploma requirements with a passing score on one of their World Language exams. These exams are offered in over 20 languages, and contain several core components, including reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

The NYCDOE World Language exams are administered in two parts. Students are offered up to three hours for the reading, listening, and writing components of the standardized exams, which are administered concurrently on a specified, city-wide date. Posing a unique challenge for the NYCDOE, the exams are administered across all district schools, in multiple languages, and traditionally relied on live, native speakers, along with the distribution and collection of thousands of paper-pencil-based exam materials. Wanting to make the process more efficient, the NYCDOE decided to adopt a digital approach, phasing in the use of the TAO assessment platform following a carefully coordinated plan. This began with the digitization of the listening component for the Spanish World Language exam, which was first delivered online to students in grades 9 and 11. 

Since first introducing TAO, the NYCDOE has used the platform to conduct several operational exams as well as research-based pilots. After utilizing the open source solution TAO Core for several years, the NYCDOE made the move to invest in TAO’s cloud-native model, TAO Ignite, for enhanced support following the adoption of new state standards for teaching and assessing World Languages.

Download the case study to read more about NYCDOE’s strategic approach to assessment technology implementation, challenges faced, and how state assessment leaders are redesigning the World Language assessments to align with new standards.

  • Learn more about the frameworks for assessment software implementation leveraged by the NYCDOE including the SAMR model and Design Thinking approach.
  • Discover the shifts in key expectations for teaching and assessing world languages brought on by the adoption of new learning standards
  • Find out how the NYCDOE is incorporating multimedia to streamline components of the exam

“Over the next several years we look forward to seamlessly transitioning into the next phase of our relationship with TAO. Our goal is to ultimately take full advantage of OAT’s Enterprise services, including TAO Advance, TAO Grader, and TAO Insights. This strategic alignment ensures that as we continue to digitize World Language assessments, we can leverage the comprehensive capabilities offered by TAO to enhance the efficiency, insights, and overall success of our program. We are confident that TAO’s robust solutions will play a pivotal role in the continued growth and excellence of our digital assessment initiatives.”

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