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Linux Foundation Training & Certification Expands Its Online Assessment Portfolio

Linux Foundation Training & Certification Expands Its Online Assessment Portfolio

Established in 2000 to support the continuous development of Linux-based solutions, the Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization that facilitates over 800 open source projects.

A key part of the Foundation, Linux Foundation Training and Certification, provides learning and certification to new and established IT professionals, as well as employers, to support the growth of open source and ensure there is sufficient IT talent to meet market demands. Seeking to expand its online assessment portfolio and simplify the complex process of exam development, Linux Foundation Training & Certification began to look for a hosted assessment solution to meet the organization’s unique needs.

Enter TAO, an open-source assessment platform that aligned perfectly with Linux Foundation’s ethos. By seamlessly integrating with existing EdTech ecosystems, TAO empowered Linux Foundation to develop exams efficiently, reducing exam development time and associated costs.

Download the case study to learn more about the challenges that the Linux Foundation Training and Certification faced  and how they are leading the way in efficiency, scalability, and excellence in assessment.

“TAO’s QTI standardized framework is attractive, as it empowers our team to seamlessly import and export test items. This functionality addresses a limitation we encountered in our custom system, offering a dynamic and efficient solution that aligns with our collaborative testing needs.”

Clyde Seepersad, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Training & Certification

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