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Delivering Digital Assessments with Remote Proctoring

Delivering Digital Assessments with Remote Proctoring

What are online assessments?

Online assessment is any exam or test taken virtually from an online portal or application remotely. Online assessments are widely used in education for formative and summative evaluations, in professional certification processes, and in various employment settings for pre-employment testing and skills assessments.

Why use remote proctoring for online assessments?

With online assessments, the risk of cheating increases due to the absence of physical invigilation. This is particularly concerning for high-stakes certification exams where the accuracy and integrity of results are crucial. To address this challenge, implementing a robust monitoring system becomes essential. Such a system should extend beyond identity verification to include features like live video feeds, screen recording, and AI-driven behavior analysis, ensuring a comprehensive surveillance framework. This proactive approach not only acts as a deterrent to potential malpractice but also provides a means to detect and address any instances that may compromise the credibility of the certification process.

How to does remote proctoring work?

Online assessments often bring about concerns related to malpractices like cheating and browser switching. However, the implementation of serves as a vital measure to uphold the integrity of your assessments.

Some advantages of remote proctoring

  • Supervises Online Assessments – Remote proctoring deters candidates from violation of test rules and flags suspicious instances.

  • Candidate Verification – Verify candidates with advanced face and voice authentication to check if its the same person who they claim to be.

  • Customizable Based on Exam Stake – Depending on the stake of the exam you can choose automated or live proctoring.

  • Lockdown Browser – Only the exam browser is accessible and other tabs, apps etc. are disabled to discourage cheating.

Who can benefit from remote proctoring for online assessments?

With on-demand online assessment, users have started taking assessments at anytime, anywhere in the world.

  • Online Exams and Assessments – Remote proctoring is extensively used for online exams and assessments, allowing institutions to maintain the security and credibility of the evaluation process, even when participants are taking the test remotely.

  • Certification Exams – High-stakes certification exams, whether for professional certifications or industry qualifications, often employ proctoring to ensure that candidates adhere to the established guidelines and the results accurately reflect their knowledge and skills.

  • Training Programs and Courses – Proctoring is utilized in online training programs and courses to validate the learning outcomes. This is especially relevant for accredited courses and programs where the assessment results contribute to the participants’ overall achievement.

  • Remote Learning and E-Learning – Proctoring tools are employed to monitor students during online exams, quizzes, and assignments. This ensures that the assessments are conducted with integrity, even when students are in different locations.

  • Professional Development Courses – Proctoring is used in various professional development courses where participants need to demonstrate their understanding of the material through assessments. This is common in continuing education programs and workshops.

Case Study – Gallagher Bassett Technical Services (GBTS)

Problem – Gallagher Bassett Technical Services (GBTS), formerly TSC Training Academy (TSCTA), founded in 2008 in Long Island City, New York, is the leader in construction safety training.

Construction workers must go through safety training to get work on
construction sites. Pre-pandemic, these would be carried out in the GBTS 
training centers in New York or New Jersey. When the pandemic hit, there was a hesitation to go these test centers. There was a need for a solution which can invigilated online tests on their LMS and authenticate the test takers both on mobile phones and laptops.


  • Talview’s AI Proctoring solution seamlessly integrated with GBTS’s LMS, providing uninterrupted experience for test takers.
  • For GBTS, the AI Proctoring solution invigilated ongoing tests, raising flags when any suspicious activity was detected during, it also authenticated the test taker’s identity


  • GBTS test takers increased from a mere 2,000 to 30,000 within the 2 year period.
  • Their revenue increase by 40% year on year since the integrating with Talview.

This white paper is available on Talview website here


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