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Linux Foundation certification program uses PSI online proctoring solution

Linux Foundation certification program uses PSI online proctoring solution

Number of exams per year:

Over 5,000

Countries where candidates located:



Exam admin languages:

English and Japanese

Remote proctoring uptime/availability:


Support availability:


Challenge: The Linux Foundation needs to provide a seamless certification program for the anywhere, anytime generation of top IT talent.  

Outcome: Flexibility and collaboration have been at the heart of the PSI online proctoring solution, which now underpins six Linux Foundation certification exams globally. The innovative approach gets superb candidate feedback and is a testament to PSI’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge online proctoring capabilities.

Business Need

Anywhere, Anytime Linux Certification Powered by PSI’s Online Proctoring Technology and Collaborative Expertise

Imagine you are a Linux expert and want to showcase your skills because you truly believe you are top talent. But you happen to live in Oulu, Finland and your nearest test center is a flight away or an 8-hour drive away in Helsinki. As remote working becomes increasingly popular, and IT work can be provided anywhere, anytime, this was exactly the challenge that The Linux Foundation faced – test takers need to access certification anywhere, anytime – even in Oulu.


Anywhere, anytime testing for a seamless candidate experience

PSI provides a seamless solution that enables test takers to access exams through The Linux Foundation website via single sign-on. Candidates log in, have a certified Remote Proctor greet them, provide ID, start the exam, and finish the exam, all in one browser, and all without ever having to log out or change domains. Clyde is pleased to report that “we have a lot of positive feedback from candidates on the seamlessness of the exam delivery process” and goes on to say “kudos to the great work the PSI team did.”

Collaborative & flexible team approach with leading technology

Linux is the world’s largest and most pervasive open source software project in the history of computing so it comes as no surprise that they would want a collaborative approach – it’s in their bloodstream. PSI listens and collaborates as true partners building a future-proof solution: as Clyde says, “in terms of program operations, it’s been a really collaborative experience. We have some unusual requirements, for example we allow users to browse the web in a couple of exams – that’s how people get documentation. The PSI team have been great in terms of saying ‘wow, that’s a really unusual request – let’s figure out how we’re going to make that happen.’ I know from a past-life in working with other providers: non-standard requests, especially non-standard requests in an area like that, get met with blank stares!”

Expanding capabilities through growth of locations and languages

The Linux Foundation now run 24/7 exam delivery and are expanding into markets where English is not the native language. Clyde explains “the capability of being able to deliver a remote proctored environment with language localization is a really big deal for us. The capabilities which PSI keeps building out are much appreciated because it’s been in sync with our own growth profile as we expand our footprint on these exams – so having that growing capability in terms of coverage, time zone coverage and language coverage has been awesome.”


Clyde concludes “It’s been very flexible and collaborative on the operational side now we’ve gotten going. And that’s been why – I think we’re up to 6 exams now – for every new exam, we have not gone back out to review the market since we started working with PSI: we view PSI as a long-term partner.”

“You notice a pretty stark difference when you talk to PSI folks – they really embrace remote proctoring as the direction in which a lot of testing is going to go. In terms of the commitment to the remote proctoring experience – PSI are a step ahead of everybody else,” Clyde Seepersad, General Manager of Training & Certification at The Linux Foundation.

PSI will be delivering a breakout session at eATP2018 based on this case study on Wednesday 26th September (1500 – 1600).


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