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What You Should Know About The eAA Consultants Directory

What You Should Know About The eAA Consultants Directory

By Graham Hudson, Special Advisor, GA partnership and eAA Secretary

From time-to-time the eAA is approached with requests for recommendations of organisations or individuals in the industry who may be able to provide advice, support and experience for a new initiative, change programme or other services.  Although the eAA membership has now reached over 2,400 members, finding the right ‘fit’ for such requests is not that straightforward.  Where to start?

Of course, putting people in touch with suppliers in the sector is more straightforward, especially those who support the association through sponsorship.  Finding individuals, with the right experience, skills, knowledge and capabilities less so.  Thus, the consultants’ directory was born!

The concept is pretty simple really.  The eAA lists people who operate as consultants with an indication of specialism.  Those searching, find a preferred consultant and get in touch!

If you are an organisation looking, then this makes life simpler.  Although the eAA does not endorse any individual, those currently listed are well-known in the sector and some already board members of the eAA.  If you are a consultant, then this offers a great opportunity to be placed where searches take place.  So, does it work?

In my own experience, two commissions in the past 12-months have come to me through this route.  In both instances, a specific request was made, introductions facilitated and then proposals for work put forward.  Anyone who works as a consultant will know that ‘filling the future pipeline’ of commissions can be a bit stressful.  To have access to a show-case website of the industry is a rare privilege.

How does this work out economically?  Well, a fee is paid annually to be listed.  And a percentage of the invoiced revenue from the consultancy piece is paid to the eAA.  In my case, the initial investment has been repaid well.  It’s an obvious place to have a presence.

Of course, the eAA benefits from this through the fee and commission.  It enables it to continue to represent the industry, organise awards, provide up-to-date news and be a focus for those seeking to know more about the work of digital learning and assessment.  That, in turn, benefits all – including us consultant-types.

To find out more, get in touch with Anna Cavadias at [email protected].  She can explain the whole scheme in detail.

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To find out more about Graham Hudson, see his linkedin profile


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