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TCS iON conducts an event centered around how technology is shaping the future of assessments & qualifications at the Museum of London

TCS iON conducts an event centered around how technology is shaping the future of assessments & qualifications at the Museum of London

TCS iON is a product brand of Tata Consultancy Services focused on how technology can make assessments more authentic, accessible, reliable, scalable, and engaging. We are passionate about placing learner’s interest first and have created a 1000+ people development team adding innovations in the space of artificial intelligence, machine learning, adaptive and gamified assessments. The event was organised by the TCS iON UK team led by Nikhil Sharma, Head of Business Development, UK & Europe and was largely focused on shaping the future of assessments in today’s post-pandemic world.

The seminar had presence from multiple sectors, including large Exam Boards, Regulatory Bodies, Govt Organizations (which conduct large scale assessments), Awarding bodies, Professional Institutions and FE sector, who actively contribute to large scale and high-stake assessments in UK. Existing customers of TCS iON were also present at the event.

The past two years have seen probably the greatest advance not only in the uptake of organizations switching to use some form of online assessments, but also a recognition that both learning, and assessment can be enhanced by embracing digital technology. The seminar significantly helped shed some light and create awareness on the digital aspects in these areas.

We heard from David Gallagher, CEO of NCFE, how he embraced technology in NCFE and how technology has the potential to improve assessment, feedback, accuracy and accessibility which are crucial elements of effective teaching.

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Jonathan Ford

Jonathan Ford, Head of Global Assessments, British Council, talked about how testing & technology partnerships solved the ministries’ headache. He also talked about how technology offers them a chance to shift towards more situational and interpretive tests.

Chris Peel, CEO Route2Work, talked about how technology enabled a diverse set of offerings for his customers. He also stressed on how technology has enabled and not prevented progression of candidates in assessments.

Chris Peel
Graham H

Graham Hudson, Assessment Advisor to UK Assessment organizations and Board Member Qualification Wales, talked about the policy drivers for technology enabled assessments. He covered the major areas of change - 1. Access, equity and funding 2. Leadership and professional development 3. Assessment and accountability and led a very interactive discussion on key barriers & recommendations for all these areas

TCS iON brought in its thought leadership and in-depth expertise in the area of Innovation & Research to this forum to engage & enthrall the audience. There was a session conducted by Dr. Gunter, Data Scientist at TCS iON, on how technology enables you to thrive in future, which was well received and reciprocated by the audience.

Dr. Gunter illustrated examples of situations where machine learning and artificial intelligence fails and talked about the next big thing – Digital Twin of Learners, that focuses on human intelligence and adaptive learning. Many other researchers and leaders attending the event commended the concept and termed it to be the next big thing in learning and assessments.

TCS also showcased its assessment platform, GAME Labs offerings, PAPER device for offline assessment, AI use cases for remote proctoring, emotion analysis and much more all of which were very well received.

The feedback we received suggested that the event was highly beneficial to participants. We observed how people relaxed and shared conversations after a long time. It was a meeting of great minds, and we are keen to get everyone together soon.

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