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The Age of AI in Education: Promises and Concerns

September 19th 2023

A blog by Sirsendu Das, Senior Learning Architect, Excelsoft Remember AlphaZero that defeated Stockfish, which was the best chess program in the world? In 2017, it won 28 games, drew 72, and lost none. The next year, while playing 1000 games against Stockfish, it won 155, lost 6, and the rest were held a draw. So what was so special about AlphaZero? AlphaZero had no predefined moves or strategies from...

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eAA Board Nominations now open!

September 18th 2023

Help shape the future of the e-Assessment Association and e-assessment more globally by joining the eAA’s Board. Nominations are now open and any member of the eAA is eligible to apply. Nominations deadline is Wednesday 27 September, 23:59 (BST) For more information and to nominate yourself or another member of the eAA, see here

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Ensuring EDI in assessment content

September 12th 2023

In this blog, Ben Rockliffe, AlphaPlus’s Deputy Director of Assessment explains how to ensure assessment content is inclusive of culture, equality and diversity. What is culture? Culture is the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people. Assessments may be used by different cultures and will need to account for different customs and beliefs across these different groupings. What is equality? Equality means...

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Benefits of using a Digital Grading Platform to Evaluate Student Learning

September 11th 2023

A blog by Manjider Kainth, CEO, Graide Teaching, lecturing, researching, writing references, reviewing journal papers, dealing with endless admin. Academics, today, face many demands on their time. They’re being asked to be more available outside class and provide more one-on-one attention to students. A piece in the Times Higher Education magazine, last August, stated that “overworked academics ‘give away one-third of their time’” And then there’s marking and assessment! This...

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Watch again: Navigating Online Proctoring Webinar

August 29th 2023

View the livestream of the webinar above at 14:00 (BST). We are delighted to announce that we will be holding a free webinar, Navigating Online Proctoring on Tuesday 26th September 2pm BST (9am EDT). Navigating Online Proctoring delves into the world of online proctoring exploring the benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations surrounding online proctoring. Our expert guests from Prometric, Pearson VUE, Mercer and Excelsoft will share their insights on striking...

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UK Government call for Evidence: Generative AI in Education

August 11th 2023

If you haven’t yet responded to the UK government’s Call for Evidence to better understand the role of Generative AI in education, you have until 5pm BST on 23rd August to respond. At the e-Assessment Association we welcome this approach and encourage all our members and sponsors working in education in England to provide their input so that the UK government have a clear understanding of the benefits and risks...

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