We are delighted to announce that going forward Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will manage the delivery of most of Oxford’s admissions tests, which form part of the annual application process for many of our undergraduate courses. This means that from 2023 onwards, Cambridge Admissions Assessment Testing (CAAT) will no longer deliver Oxford’s own tests. For one more year, CAAT will deliver as usual the TSA and BMAT tests for the relevant courses.

Dr Samina Khan, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach says:

‘This new agreement with TCS offers exciting opportunities for the future of our admissions testing, including the possibility of wholly digital delivery and marking. I am confident that our new arrangement with TCS will help in time to modernise how the tests are delivered and over the coming months we will be consulting with a range of stakeholders, including students and schools and colleges, to ensure their views are considered throughout the development phase. We look forward to taking this project forward with all our partners.

TCS iON’s  Global Head , Venguswamy Ramaswamy, says:

The development and delivery of digital assessment within the school setting is a particularly interesting project for TCS, one of the largest IT Service companies in the UK. This work has the potential to transform the paper-based testing environment typically still found in educational settings. TCS iON is  an acknowledged leader in transforming large scale, high stakes assessments in India and elsewhere. We are excited to bring our expertise in working with the University of Oxford, one of the biggest names in education, to make digital assessment possible for its admissions tests. 

Oxford’s own admissions tests are the CAT (Classics Admissions Test), HAT (History Admissions Test), Oxford ELAT (English Literature Admissions Test), MAT (Mathematics Admissions Test), MLAT (Modern Languages Admissions Test), PAT (Physics Admissions Test), AMELAT (Asian and Middle Eastern Languages Admissions Test, formerly known as the OLAT) and the Philosophy test (for Philosophy and Theology only). In addition, new for 2023 will be the GAT (Geography Admissions Test). Details of the GAT (Geography Admissions Test) will be confirmed shortly.

2023 dates for Oxford’s own admissions tests are as follows:
19 October: CAT, Oxford ELAT, GAT, MAT and AMELAT
20 October: HAT, MLAT, PAT and Philosophy test

Further information on arrangements for Oxford’s own admissions tests for 2024-entry will be available shortly on individual test pages.

The TSA and BMAT tests arranged by CAAT will be taken by candidates on 18 October. Any questions regarding either of these tests should be directed to CAAT.

Arrangements for the LNAT (National Admissions Test for Law) will be the same as in previous years and details of the timeline will be available on the LNAT website.

The registration window for the TSA, BMAT and all other Oxford admissions tests will be 1- 29 September. Further information on registration for tests being administered by TCS will be available shortly on our admissions tests pages.