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London based Eintech invited to present as a finalist in the ‘ATP Innovations Fast Pitch’ held in Anaheim, California.

London based Eintech invited to present as a finalist in the ‘ATP Innovations Fast Pitch’ held in Anaheim, California.

Eintech Ltd, creators of the Rogo eAssessment platform unveiled a new prototype feature to an audience of 1000 people during the Innovations in Testing Conference 2024, in Anaheim, California.  

Rogo is used in over 180 countries, and was originally developed with accounting in mind, emulating common software like Excel for creating high stakes exams and practice tests.  

The innovation that had won the team a spot in the final of the prestigious competition was demonstrating the free-hand graph drawing tool, which CEO and Founder James Carter explained was a solution born from discussions with existing users of the platform.  

Eintech were one of only four organizations invited to the final of this year’s global competition, James Carter, CEO and Founder of Eintech said on LinkedIn “…great to share the stage with fantastic founders and their passion for innovation.”. 

The other finalists represented innovations from the USA, Canada and the Netherlands with topics including continuous learning, formative testing, and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS). 

Answering tough questions from the judges, he continued to explain the potential huge use case for such a question type. There was also an opportunity to explain to the audience how test interaction data could be used to assist students and test takers by improving the user interface of a test’s design.  

While at the event, James Carter also presented as part of a debate panel on ‘Team Human vs. Team AI’ alongside noted industry professionals, and Eintech Head of Marketing Ben Brady was also invited to speak on the opening day of the conference.  

Presenting alongside Amanda Crowley (Director of Marketing, ITS) on the subject of Inclusive Design, the pair delivered a marketing slant accompanied by research conducted with Reed Assessment to demonstrate how test creators can research and consider the design and practical application of their exams to improve the exam experience for all candidates, not just those who we associate with belonging to a minority or marginalized group.   

About Eintech
Eintech was established in 2010 to fill a gap in the needs of awarding organisations and training providers looking to digitise assessment and learning. The end-to-end assessment platform Rogo was developed in 2011 and has since grown to be used across the world for high stakes testing alongside ePortfolios and guided learning.  

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