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BTL takes SaaS confidence seriously with SaaS Assured protection from NCC Group

BTL takes SaaS confidence seriously with SaaS Assured protection from NCC Group

Shipley, United Kingdom, April 2015

BTL Group Ltd is pleased to announce that SaaS Assured protection is now available to Surpass Assessment Platform customers. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) presents so many wonderful opportunities for those serious about the effective management of Computer-Based Testing and related digital services, but with such a key investment SaaS customers must exercise due diligence with all the services they use. SaaS Assured, from global information assurance specialist NCC Group, protects the Surpass service and ensures customers can still access their data, if the SaaS supplier is no longer able to help.

SaaS Assured helps to ‘keep the lights on’ whilst allowing time for users to source and transition to an alternative solution that fits their requirements. BTL’s rigorous approach to service continuity and sound business processes ensure that this service should never be required. Nonetheless, we understand that when you are dealing with an essential part of a customer’s business, all risk, no matter how low the probability might be, must be mitigated.

Daniel Liptrott, managing director of NCC Group’s escrow division, said: “The SaaS Assured concept is simple, but the message it sends is very powerful. It removes one of the biggest barriers to cloud adoption, giving end users peace of mind that their software and data will always be available.

BTL Group is a forward-thinking SaaS provider that can now clearly show its customers that stepping into the cloud isn’t something to fear and immediately establish a relationship based on trust.”

Keith Myers (Managing Director of BTL) says, “Risk management is an essential part of business planning; item banks and assessment delivery form a critical part of our customers’ business activity. SaaS services like Surpass present a vast range of opportunities for business growth, but with so much depending on their continued operation, we must all plan for the worst-case scenario.

SaaS Assured gives everyone confidence that if the worst should happen, the customer’s business is protected. Simply put, SaaS Assured is the service you need that you will never have to use. Only those serious about business continuity offer this level of protection.”

About NCC Group
NCC Group is a global information assurance specialist providing organisations worldwide with expert escrow, verification, security consulting, website performance, software testing and domain services.

Through an unrivalled range of services, we give organisations across the world freedom from doubt that their most important assets are protected and operating as they should be at all times.

With our knowledge, experience and global footprint we are committed to ensuring that organisations have access to a total information assurance solution that works for them. We are passionate about changing the shape of the Internet and making it safer.

About BTL
BTL is a UK-based leading provider of assessment systems to universities, awarding bodies, regulators and government bodies. First established in 1985, BTL is a privately held Limited Company, founded by Chairman Dr Bob Gomersall and based in Yorkshire, UK. Our clients trust and rely on us to deliver their high-stakes examinations and our solution, Surpass, is the most widely-used system in the UK’s education market. Surpass is a great way of creating, managing, delivering, marking and reporting on summative exams delivered via paper, desktop, laptop or tablets.

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