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Assessment Summit on Artificial Intelligence

Assessment Summit on Artificial Intelligence

ATP Holds Second Virtual Security Summit Focusing on AI: Assessment Excellence & Transparency with AI

WASHINGTON , D.C., UNITED STATES, September 9, 2021 / — Global ATP and the ATP Security Committee are pleased to announce that sponsorship and registration is open for the second virtual Security Summit scheduled for 21 – 22, September 2021, Assessment Excellence & Transparency with AI.

Global ATP Chair John Kleeman, Founder of Questionmark, in emphasizing the importance of this year’s virtual Security Summit focusing on Artificial Intelligence, had this to say: “In reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a confusing and sometimes misunderstood term. Many testing organizations are planning or using AI, others are using algorithmic or automated decision-making. All of us need to be aware of the potential benefit but also the risks of bias and the threat of regulation of AI and of other algorithms in assessment. We need to be asking how AI can help in assessment, what is its future and how can we be responsible using it?”

To understand and address these questions, Kleeman noted, the first challenge is to truly grasp what AI is, and what it means within the assessment industry. “The ATP community is leading the conversation on responsible use of AI in assessment. And that’s what this year’s two-day Summit is about – to understand, to parse out the complexities, and to influence where AI is going…or perhaps, where it is taking us,” Kleeman remarked.

The Summit begins even before it opens – with a pre-read ATP White Paper assigned to all attendees: Artificial Intelligence and the Testing Industry: A Primer, which is available on the ATP website at

Then, building upon the wave of information about AI that has been made available over the past year, the two-day Summit will:

• Engage in discussions on test security, privacy, compliance challenges, and opportunities at play when building and administering tests using AI and automated decision-making; and
• Provide actionable steps testing programs, test publishers, and industry service providers can take to address them.

Kleeman noted,

“this really is an opportunity to learn how to responsibly use AI in assessment from industry professionals specializing in test creation, security, technology, and privacy.”

This year’s Summit program, (which can be accessed online at includes speakers from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Duolingo, and Multi-Health Systems, Inc. and will address the theme with sessions focusing on the ethical use of AI to improve security, the future of regulating the use of AI, and strategies to educate public policy makers about how AI can be responsibly managed in the assessment industry.

Registration and sponsorship is open at: [Registration for the Summit can be as a stand alone event, or combined with a registration to ATP’s virtual European ATP Conference being held a week later, 27 – 29 September, 2021.]
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