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All About Examity’s Proctors

All About Examity’s Proctors

Live proctoring solutions are only as good as their most valuable resource: it’s proctors. Examity have built a team of best-in-class professionals to provide a superior testing experience. Examity have high standards for quality proctoring- here is a closer look at how they define it and the steps that they take to ensure it.

Quality proctoring starts with hiring the right people. Examity’s proctors go through a rigorous selection process, including multiple rounds of interviews and a comprehensive background check. They must hold a college degree, have completed online courses, maintain advanced technical skills, and possess strong communication skills.

Once hired, all proctors participate in an intense training program, which includes coursework on data management processes, privacy, security, customer service, Examity software, and test platforms. The training features several live simulations with senior staff, so that new hires can familiarize themselves with identifying, documenting, and escalating suspicious behavior while receiving real-time, on-the-job training. Proctors also receive comprehensive education on PII and anti-bias practices before they begin their work.

Examity evaluate their proctors in these areas to ensure the highest quality proctoring: 

One of the most important factors in a successful proctoring session is clear communication. Examity make sure that all of their proctors are able to effectively communicate the exam rules, expectations, and instructions, so that test-takers can have a full understanding of what is expected of them during an exam session.

This is an integral part of Examity’s training program. They believe that when engaging with test-takers, it’s critical to develop a professional rapport. Examity’s proctors only engage in conversation pertaining to the task at hand. This prevents misinterpretation and establishes a trusting environment.

Violation Detection
For proctoring to be successful, there must be expertise in catching a wide variety of exam violations. Examity’s proctors are among the most experienced in the industry, giving them an edge in violation detection. They are able to detect what is and what is not a violation, ensuring that test-takers are not penalized or unnecessarily interrupted. In addition, Examity continually re-trains their employees on new forms of suspicious behavior, so they will always be prepared.

Technical Aptitude
With Examity, quality proctoring goes beyond just administering the exam. Their clients have the added benefit of proctors who are technically trained, so they can troubleshoot issues in real-time, instead of handing them off to a support team. This ensures minimal delays in resolving any difficulties and promotes a smooth test-taker experience.

Being consistent is the cornerstone of quality, because without it, the areas above would fail. It is absolutely essential that all of Examity’s proctors follow the same standards and practices, which they accomplish through an extensive training program. They communicate the same rules and expectations, guaranteeing a consistent experience.

Through discerning hiring, comprehensive training, and thorough evaluation in key areas,  Examity can achieve a level of quality that rises above and beyond expectations. To learn more, please contact them at [email protected] or via phone at 855-EXAMITY

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