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ACT Assessment systems are changing!

ACT Assessment systems are changing!


“Over the last few years, despite working with our suppliers to improve the service delivery and stability of the systems, we have not been able to get to the point where our students can take their exams stress-free and perform to the best of their ability. We have listened to all the feedback received from our students and at the start of 2018 we undertook a tender process to look at other eAssessment and remote invigilation systems, while also taking this opportunity to review whether remote invigilation is the right choice for us.

This work was extremely positive and informative, and we looked at a number of different suppliers that we could potentially work with. Two suppliers came out on top, and after a thorough review of their services and systems and speaking to a number of their references, we decided to partner with BTL. BTL’s assessment platform, Surpass, is used by a number of other professional bodies such as ICAEW, ICAS and AAT to name a few. Their assessment system is market-leading and delivers millions of tests annually, so by choosing them we knew we would have stability with a platform that is well-established in the market. It is modern, intuitive and much more user-friendly. They have also been driving forward in the remote invigilation space, and they will be managing the remote invigilation service, using a new solution. This change in service delivery will only bring benefit to our students, as the remote invigilation software will be integrated directly with Surpass. The invigilators will be trained and familiar with the assessment software, which means when things go wrong, or students require help with the system, they will be able to support them. The technology behind the remote invigilation software, ProctorExam is modern, using the latest technology, and will reduce the amount of potential problems when launching, and during, the exam.

Unfortunately, as many students know, we had an unexpected technical issue with our previous suppliers in the April exam session. We therefore brought forward the launch our new systems to the July exam session to avoid any further issues. Off the back of the new suppliers being introduced we have already received some extremely positive feedback from students who used it.

“With the new supplier, ProctorExam, it was much easier to enter the exam site.”

“I have just completed the Unit 3 exam using the new exam method. I’ll start with saying it is much easier and cleaner than the previous one.”

“Today I performed my exam of Certificate in Treasury Unit 2 – the new assessment system with Surpass and ProctorExam works very well and is easy to understand.”

“I’ve completed taking exam for Certificate in Treasury Unit 4 today. It was smoother process during the exam compared to previous system provider.”

“I took the Certificate in Treasury – Unit 2 exam earlier today. First of all, I would like to thank you for changing the supplier. I had a much more pleasant exam experience in comparison to April. The system is very user-friendly.”

We are now working hard to prepare for the October exam session and ensure all our students are informed and aware of the changes which are coming. We have started our communication process with existing students, to ensure we have the correct details so they receive all of our communication going forward. If you have received an email regarding your personal email address and mobile number, please do get in touch with us to make sure your information is up to date. More information, guidance and support will be available in the lead up to October, and we will be posting regular updates on our website, via email, FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn, so please do join up to ensure you are kept in the loop with all things Assessment. We also have our own hashtag #actexams which can be used to follow all the latest assessment updates. There will be a number of changes for students to be aware of, so please do read all our communication and get in touch if you are unsure of anything.

The Assessment team is here to help and make sure you have the best possible experience. As the end-point of your journey in qualifying and attaining the highest levels of treasury, we take your experience extremely seriously, and we are positive that the future is bright!”


Reproduced with permission. First published 3 Aug.

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