Welcome to the e-Assessment Awards


Welcome to the e-Assessment Awards

We are delighted to announce the winners the 2022 International e-Assessment Awards 

Recognising excellence, these awards are an opportunity to showcase globally the very best practice, research and innovation in testing and assessment, where the use of technology has enabled transformation, improved outcomes and enhanced learning and teaching.

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These annual awards share and celebrate the many excellent projects demonstrating the value that technology brings to high quality assessment.

2021 International e-Assessment Awards

About the Awards

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Welcome to the independently judged and truly international......e-Assessment Awards!

From the medical profession to the individual school, from Higher Education to the workplace, these awards present a golden opportunity to learn from each other and see where advances in e-assessment
are really making a difference; what barriers had to be overcome; what new research and innovation can bring.

Each award category has a separate, independent panel of four judges who meet and review the entries in their category only, and select an agreed list of finalists. They do not have sight of any of the other award entries/entrants, so they are only able to view the entries to their category. Each panel then interviews each of those finalists  (online) to come to a unanimous decision over that category winner. Judges are not able to sit on a category panel for more than one year and we take great care to ensure no judge has a conflict of interest. We have 28 independent and expert judges with the additional support from the Chair of Judges, Bob Harrison.

Thank you to our Headline Sponsor

We are absolutely delighted to announce that British Council are the new Headline Sponsor for the International e-Assessment Awards.

We are incredibly excited to work with British Council worldwide, to spread the news about our Awards programme, and draw in even more international examples of best practice, excellence and innovation.

This year we, once again, attracted entries from right around the world - from Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and North America. The 21 Finalists and 28 judges dialling in to the Finalists interviews from six different international time-zones.

Thank you to British Council and our individual Award Sponsors shown below.


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