the e-Assessment Association

Welcome to The e-Assessment Association

The e-Assessment Association (eAA) is a not-for-profit membership body with three major goals.

  1. To provide professional support and facilitate debate/ discussion for everyone involved in this field of expertise;
  2. To create and communicate the positive contributions that technology makes to all forms of assessment and;
  3. To develop statements of good practice for suppliers and consumers of e-Assessment technologies. 

The eAA builds awareness of the benefits that technology brings to assessment, particularly around delivering better learning and assessment, rather than just greater efficiency. 

The eAA also works to ensure that it has a strong voice and influence in the key policy debates involving the assessment of learning, training and competency.


Latest Blogs, Features and Updates

January 20 2022

Caribbean Examinations Council selects Surpass platform

West Yorkshire, January 2022 – BTL Group Ltd. is delighted to announce that the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC®), the premier assessment board across the Caribbean region, has selected the Surpass assessment platform to...

January 17 2022

Research Project: The changing global attitudes towards digital technology and high-stakes summative assessment

COVID has made a huge impact on the education systems across the globe, and numerous studies have been undertaken to understand how learning has been impacted, but until now, no research has been...

January 12 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Secure Remote Online Exams

By Ankitha Raj, Senior Content Marketer at Talview Originally published on the Talview Blog There has been a massive shift in the way learning is taking place — everyone has moved online. Even...