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The work and efforts of the eAA would not be possible without our sponsors. Please visit their websites to learn more about their role and involvement in eAssessment.

AlphaPlus is an education service business that specialises in standards, assessment and certification. We help our clients design, develop, deploy and evaluate qualifications and their underpinning assessments. Our work spans the public and private sectors, schools, colleges, vocational and professional learning. Around half our work is overseas.

Here are some typical examples of what we do:

> Providing an outsourced turnkey examinations service
> Helping professional bodies redesign their membership and certification processes
> Developing new professional and occupational standards
> Developing new qualifications and curriculums
> Writing high stakes assessments for awarding organisations such as Exam Boards and Government agencies
> Supporting regulators with their work to oversee examinations
> Providing statistical analysis of assessment data
> Moving assessments from on-paper to on-screen

We are educationalists with a strong commitment to improving teaching, learning and assessment, based on intellectual integrity, sound evidence and innovative approaches. We are also committed to being a dependable, accountable, honest and loyal partner for our clients who rely on us for support in high stakes environments.
The British Council is a highly trusted partner, providing access to the world’s most reputable qualifications for more than 75 years. Underpinned by principles of integrity, security and fairness, the British Council is one of the leading players in the delivery of high-stakes examinations, globally.

The British Council delivers computer-based testing (CBT) in almost 500 locations in over 120 countries. Our extensive experience and expansive global network mean we are in a unique position to advise existing and potential clients on how to successfully transition from pen and paper to computer-based testing, or to expand the global reach of your existing CBT assessments into new international markets.
City & Guilds is the UK's leading vocational awarding body, with over 1000 employees, providing over 50% of all NVQs and with over 1.8 million learners every year. We've got more than 8500 centres in 81 countries all over the world - and an international network of offices to support them.

At City & Guilds, we believe in excellence through collaboration. In our work to develop and promote vocational skills, we draw on expertise and support from industry, the Government and individuals. In turn, we lend our experience and offer financial support to organisations and projects that share our vision and values.
Partnering with companies across a range of sectors including the K-12, Higher Education and Corporate Education markets, Learnosity provides the technology behind many of the world's best assessment solutions. Highly scalable & extensible by design, our goal is to build assessment technology which enable our clients and their development teams to build powerful and engaging digital assessment products with minimal time & resources. All Learnosity elements are designed to seamlessly integrate with other products and platforms.

Learnosity has over 70 employees working in its offices in New York, Los Angeles, Dublin and Sydney.
BetterExaminations is a modern end-to-end high-stake examinations platform that supports educators and learners. Through an extremely easy to use cloud-based platform, candidates can sit exams from anywhere in the world, with optional online proctoring/invigilation.

With over 50 question types, a comprehensive range of subjects can be examined using a wide range of devices. For the institution, the platform provides comprehensive exam management and reporting features including support for exam workflow, external examiner support, feedback / marking and features to help you manage traditional paper based exams.

The BetterExaminations team comprises over 70 people based in Ireland, the UK, Poland, Australia and the US. As part of the Terminalfour Group we work with over 220 Universities, Colleges, School Boards and Awarding Bodies worldwide.

NCFE designs, develops and certificates diverse, nationally recognised qualifications which have benefited millions of UK learners in the past 10 years.

Dynamic and committed to changing lives through learning, NCFE believes that education can help every individual to achieve their full potential.

NCFE offers a wide portfolio including Apprenticeships, qualifications which support Study Programmes and Traineeships, fundable qualifications for adult learners, high quality distance learning models and V Certs for schools. All are supported by NCFE’s exceptional customer service and unique, friendly approach. In 2015, NCFE expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of the CACHE brand (the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education), which is market leader in the childcare sector.

NCFE is a registered educational charity with a strong heritage in learning, going back over 170 years.
We believe that students who are encouraged to extract all they can from every step of their learning journey are the ones most likely to succeed. It's why PebblePad, and our award-winning Learning Journey Platform, offers educators the technology and expertise needed to support, guide and develop students – from induction to graduation, and beyond.

Indeed, every day in universities across the globe, educators use PebblePad to design and build authentic assessment opportunities to help students and staff plan for their learning, record and reflect on their experiences, and collect, curate, share and showcase evidence of their evolving capabilities.

PebblePad is a platform designed by educators for educators, and our mission is to help learners develop and share their unique talents and attributes for lifewide and lifelong success. If you would like to learn more about why PebblePad is increasingly being viewed as an essential component of the higher education learning ecology, get in touch.
PSI is one of the largest and most respected assessment companies in the world with 70 years’ experience of providing solutions to government agencies, corporations, professional associations and certifying bodies. Globally, PSI employs 1,200 staff and manages a test centre network of over 700 locations.

In IT Certification, PSI has set the global standard for performance-based IT skills assessment. In Government and Professional Certification it delivers high stakes, high volume testing programmes including, from September 2016, the UK driving theory and hazard perception test, acknowledged as the largest single eAssessment programme in the world.
RM Results is part of RM plc, the British company with over 40 years’ experience providing technology to the education sector.
RM Results is driving the global modernisation of assessment by providing digital assessment solutions and educational data analysis services for the world's leading awarding organisations, professional bodies, universities and governments.
Our digital assessment solutions are used by customers administering high stakes examinations in countries including Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, the UK and the Caribbean; as well as international bodies such as ACCA, ICAEW, the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International Examinations.
Each year we provide the technology to allow around 15 million exams to be taken and marked by examiners in over 150 countries around the world. Ensuring everyone gets the results they deserve.
BTL Group Ltd. provide technology solutions for e-Assessment and e-Learning. We provide a turnkey service for the design, scripting and production of learning packages, including components such as needs analysis, assessment, portfolio kits, courseware and accreditation tools.

We provide both the on-screen assessment content and the delivery systems and services to Government Agencies and Awarding Bodies for use in both learning and examination settings. Further information about BTL and its products and services can be found at
We are a global leader in IT services, consulting and business solutions, garnering $20.9 billion revenue in FY19. We have operations in 55 countries with over 450,000 employees . TCS iON is a product brand of TCS which has expertise in Learning, Assessment and Marking. With 200 Million candidates assessed, we are trusted by top institutions to improve learning outcomes. We simplify adoption of technology through quick set up and configurations, enabling cost efficiencies. We are working with Top Awarding Bodies and Learning organisations in UK and across the world.
ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) is one of the world’s leading educational research organisations and has been providing reliable support and expertise to educational policy makers and practitioners since 1930.

Working closely with governments, schools and universities in the UK, international aid agencies, and research or not-for-profit organisations such as RAND, Department for International Development UK and the Scottish Government. We work to help advance educational research and help progress educational development in every project we take on.

We create and promote research-based knowledge, products and services that can be used to improve learning across the lifespan. We work globally with schools, education departments, ministries of education, further and higher education institutions, donor organisations and non-government organisations.
Calibrand the currency for talent® provides solutions for assessment. Our combination of robust, secure online testing, on-screen marking and ePortfolio are uniquely placed to meet existing challenges.
Calibrand's software helps organisations to verify product knowledge, continuing professional development, licensing/certification, lifelong learning, citizenship and staff recruitment. Assessment workflows, such as marking and administration are simplified with Calibrand Marker, a management tool that reduces many of the inefficiencies associated with paper-based assessment, such as script handling.
Inspera Assessment is a secure cloud-based e-assessment platform that covers the entire examination process from initial question creation to exam delivery and collaborative marking. All subjects from STEM to Arts can be examined via Inspera Assessment. At Inspera, we have over a decade's worth of experience partnering with institutions to manage their transition to digital exams. We work in partnership with universities, schools, awarding bodies and governments, serving end users in more than 150 countries. Our offices are in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Romania. Learn more:
Each year millions of people around the world take an exam with Pearson VUE. Chances are you, or someone you know, has recently tested with us. More than 450 credential owners across the globe choose Pearson VUE to help develop, manage, deliver and grow their testing programmes. From online practice tests to high-stakes, proctored exams that require the industry’s most secure testing environments, Pearson VUE is the leader in computer-based-testing — and much more
Prometric, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ETS, is a trusted provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment.
Its market-leading test development and delivery solutions allow clients to develop and launch global testing programs as well as accurately measure program results and data.
Prometric reliably delivers and administers more than 10 million tests a year on behalf of approximately 400 clients
in the academic, financial, government, healthcare, professional, corporate and information technology markets.
It delivers tests flexibly via the Web or by utilizing a robust network of more than 10,000 test centers in more than 160 countries.
For more information, please visit
Qualifications Wales regulates qualifications, other than degrees, in Wales.
We are an independent statutory body, funded by the Welsh Government. This means that we make our own decisions about qualifications and provide independent expert advice to others. It also means that we oversee the standards to which qualifications are awarded, independent of influence from others.
We regulate qualifications that are developed and delivered by the awarding bodies that we recognise. A recognised awarding body must comply with the rules that we set.
Working with a wide range of organisations, we monitor the compliance of awarding bodies, review existing qualifications, oversee the design of new requirements and support the qualifications system.
We are accountable to the people of Wales through the National Assembly for Wales. Through our work we ensure that learners, practitioners and the public can be confident that qualifications, and the qualification system, meet their needs.
The Scottish Qualifications Authority is the national accreditation and awarding body in Scotland. We work in partnership with industry, universities, colleges and schools to provide high quality, flexible and relevant qualifications and assessments - embedding industry standards where appropriate.

We aim to be recognised as a national and international leader in the delivery of our qualifications, statutory obligations and the quality of our services.
TestReach is a comprehensive online assessment solution that can deliver any type of exam online, from simple tests right through to formal, high-stakes exams.

Assessments can be run anywhere in the world, at any time, with complete security and integrity. The cloud-based application includes the option of integral remote invigilation (online proctoring) which enables exams to be invigilated over the web by our trainer supervisors. With intuitive software to create assessments, over 50+ question types, interactive canvasses for candidates, as well as advanced marking and reporting features, TestReach covers all your assessment needs in one easy-to-use and scalable solution.
Vretta is a global education technology company that specializes in creating award-winning interactive learning and assessment solutions that are revolutionizing the way students engage with mathematics.

Vretta has designed and developed engaging resources in mathematics at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, which are currently being used by universities, colleges and schools in Europe, Canada, and the United States. In particular, its resources incorporate the philosophy of assessment for learning - that assessment should be a tool to promote student learning and enjoyment of mathematics. Vretta creates these resources in collaboration with clients to ensure that they meet the specific needs of the users.

Vretta has also created state-of-the-art assessment platforms, homework management systems, real-time statistical dashboards, and numerous administrative tools that have empowered teachers and administrators to monitor and guide their students towards a successful learning experience, preparing students for their careers and day-to-day lives.

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