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Rethink your assessment practices

Rethink your assessment practices

The coping strategies that institutions have adopted to manage exams during the coronavirus are many. Cancelling and rescheduling exams, redesigning assessments and introducing alternative methods, such as online or home-based testing are some of the approaches. With the pandemic still raging it has become more important than ever to consider how to create better exams while maintaining assessment integrity. At a live online event on 24th February 2021, we asked experts from the field to reflect on the best practices of exam design.
Watch the webinar here.     

How do we design better assessments? What are the benefits of on-screen authoring, and how does that impact different stakeholders? We asked Mary Richardson from the UCL Institute of Education, Magnus Svendsen Nerheim from the University of Bergen, and Henriette S. Godal from Inspera to share their hands-on experience with exam design and the adoption of digital assessment.

In the virtual meet-up we discussed:

  • How to support academic staff in redesigning assessments – what are the best pedagogical practices?
  • How to reach 100% digitisation of exams, and why should you consider it?
  • With the restrictions of the pandemic, are the exams “dead” or are they just adapting to a new normal? What is the new normal and how do we feel about it?
  • What are the Inspera Assessment Roadmap 2021 highlights when it comes to exam authoring?

The changes in our digital behaviour are, at least to some extent, likely to become permanent when the economy starts to recover. The COVID-19 crisis has inevitably pushed us further into a digital world and made us reconsider existing business models and ways of teaching and working. 

Despite the grave background, the rapid changes forced by the coronavirus could eventually be a springboard for a much more flexible and accessible assessment practise in the future. Watch the webinar to learn more about the future of digital assessment.

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