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Fry & Examity Case Study: Building a long-term online proctoring partnership

Fry & Examity Case Study: Building a long-term online proctoring partnership

About Fry

Fry’s eAssessment platform is used widely by professional education, training and awarding bodies, such as King’s College London, Imperial College, the Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health and the Royal College of Radiologists. Their software is focused on advancing the frontiers of “assessment for learning” around the globe and providing tools to ensure that the next generation of professionals are of the highest standards possible with the best experience possible.

The Challenge

With a primary focus in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, Fry partners with customers globally – particularly in the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Europe – to deliver end-to-end assessment and track candidates’ progress. At least 60% of all UK undergraduate and 65% of postgraduate medical students/trainees are assessed using Practique, Fry’s proprietary platform.

Fry’s end-to-end assessment cloud service has seen rapid growth over the past three years. Their platform provides a customisable, modular-based solution that allows organisations to have a student or candidate register for an organisation, pay any membership or exam/event booking fees, and get scheduled into exam software all within Fry’s full management suite.

The Covid-19 pandemic saw Fry’s trajectory accelerate even further as organisations looked for a long-term view on moving to online examination services. Fry rapidly began innovating with new additions to its software, including seeking an integrated online proctoring and assessment security partner. In evaluating the proctoring marketplace, Fry sought a partner that would understand the need for security and integrity in high-stakes testing while balancing the need for flexibility, service and hands-on support in meeting their customers’ needs.


With as many as 2,000 candidates trying to log into high-stakes exams at one time, Fry appreciated that Examity was able to strike a unique balance between maintaining security and providing a high-level of support to each candidate taking their exam.

Understanding that the support that candidates receive on exam day is key, Examity was able to provide technical support (and help through the onboarding process itself) across many different time zones. Examity was also able to cater to individual client needs by delivering a highly customisable proctoring solution. Additionally, Fry’s clients were happy to form a long-term proctoring partnership with Examity that they could grow and evolve with.

This partnership also helped Fry become so familiar with the features of the Examity solution that Fry’s leadership team was easily able to articulate the benefits of Examity to potential new clients. The open and collaborative dialogue between Fry and the Examity leadership team was and continues to be critical in gathering collective learnings and identifying ways to improve software and support test-takers as the partnership moves into the future.

“Entering such a collaborative partnership with Examity has proved a huge success. Their team makes sure that the onboarding process is smooth and our clients are well looked after.” Paul Glover, Chief Operating Officer



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