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e-Assessment Association Annual Report 2020

e-Assessment Association Annual Report 2020

Welcome to our Annual Report for 2020  

Our priority throughout this year has been to communicate the positive contributions that technology makes to all forms of assessment: via our websites, our social media, direct membership reach and growth, as well as through lobbying, events and our Awards programme.

Reflecting the increasing levels of activity and related turnover of the eAA as a result of running our own events and welcoming a broader range of sponsors, we have incorporated ‘eAssessment Services Ltd’ as our trading arm to deliver services to our members. As outlined at our AGM, we’ve started to make some structural changes to the organisation that solidifies our ability to react to and support the growing needs of the sector and broaden our reach, making the association more agile and resilience for the future.


The e-Assessment Association is grateful for the continued support of all our sponsors through 2020, without whom much of this work would not have been possible.

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