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Case studies from the Surpass Community at the 2021 Conference

Case studies from the Surpass Community at the 2021 Conference
Image of Teams call from the Surpass Conference 2021

There have been many changes in the assessment industry over the last 18 months, with the trend being a move to hybrid delivery models.  

BTL has been supporting customers by blending test centre delivery with remote proctoring options, through the huge expansion of BTL’s test delivery over the last 18 months.  In this way, the Surpass Community was able to deliver over 4 million tests this year, despite Covid challenges. In addition, we have continued to develop our flexible test administration options for customers and their candidates. 

Read on to learn more about what Surpass Community members have been doing, based on the stories they shared at this year’s Surpass Conference, and how Surpass adaptation has helped the needs of the assessment community.  

The 2021 conference welcomed 251 registered delegates, from 102 organisations. These case studies reflect some of the challenges faced by the assessment community. 

Assess Progress: 

Carolyn Kerr, SQA’s Digital Assessment Services Manager, talked through the recent collaboration between BTL and SQA on a new self-scheduling portal, ‘Assess Progress’, to support SQA’s candidates by streamlining the scheduling process. Committed to innovation and candidate efficiency, BTL and SQA developed the new Solar Assess Progress – a portal that allows candidates to access a platform to schedule themselves formative assessments. Watch their presentation in full. 

UX research for a better candidate experience in end-point assessments: 

Innovate Awarding’s Jessica Fowler worked closely with BTL on a recent collaboration to better understand the candidate experience, and how we can create improved on-screen testing through shared surveys. Find out how this will influence their approach towards delivering exams, and watch their presentation in full. 

Changing mode and model: The details and decision points in going digital: 

Helping us understand how on-screen testing is being used to revolutionise language assessment, Michigan Language Assessment’s Gad Lim described their experience making the change from paper-based test delivery, and how on-screen testing has opened doors to new opportunities in language assessment. See MLA’s processes for transforming their four skill exams (reading, writing, speaking and listening) from fixed-date paper tests to available-anytime digital offerings, and moving from linear to linear-on-the-fly (LOFT) testing – watch their presentation in full. 

Can I test 24 languages before lunch? 

Europe’s leading language learning and assessment provider, telc, are using Surpass to deliver on-screen language assessments in all 24 EU languages. Project Manager, Sean McDonald, discussed the considerations and technical specifications required to deliver this project. Discover how telc have used Surpass to deliver this at scale and how our dedicated delivery team has helped telc make the project a success – watch their presentation in full. 


Visit the Surpass Conference site to watch all the presentations and hear case studies from some of the 60+ organisations currently using Surpass. 

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