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Welcome to the home of the eAA Special Interest Group (SIG) for Remote Proctoring. This SIG is has been established following feedback from the eAA membership keen to explore the potential for Remote Proctoring as an enabler for growth in e-Assessment.

Our mission is to establish a community and knowledge base for Remote Proctoring within the eAA, enabling members to make informed decisions about the use of this technology.

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[Survey] 2022 Remote Proctoring Survey. With increased interest in remote proctoring over the last two years, we want to understand your experience, how remote proctoring is being used now and how you plan to use remote proctoring in the future. If you are responsible for managing, implementing or procuring remote proctoring / invigilation we want to hear from you.

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[Podcast] The 2022 Remote Proctoring Survey. Tim Burnett chats with Pat Coates, eAA Board Member, Consultant and Chief Revenue Officer for Certiverse about the launch of the 2022 survey to look at the current state of play for remote proctoring.

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[Podcast] Remote Proctoring Part 2 - continuing the discussion on remote proctoring and how it can help modernize assessment delivery with experts from the digital assessment community.

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[Podcast] Remote Proctoring Part 1 - What is remote proctoring and how can it help modernize assessment delivery? This podcast  follows on from a panel discussion at Bett UK, with experts from the digital assessment community discussing the potential for Remote Proctoring to modernise the process of assessment.

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[Read] The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Secure Remote Online Exams, by Ankitha Raj, senior content manager at Talview

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[Read] A Definitive Guide to Online Exam Proctoring for Universities and Certification Providers, by Olivia Gomes, senior content marketer at Talview

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[Read] New Proposed Laws on AI by the EU - European officials want to limit police use of facial recognition and ban the use of certain kinds of AI systems, in one of the broadest efforts yet to regulate high-stakes applications of artificial intelligence.

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[Read] AlphaPlus Research - AlphaPlus have undertaken research into the implementation of RI during the pandemic.

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[Read] SQA Accreditation – SQA Accreditation issue guidance to Awarding Bodies on the use of remote technology in assessment

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[Read] Open Awards – Open Awards offers remote invigilation for functional skills

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[Read] Guide to Remote Proctoring – AlphaPlus provide a guide to Remote Proctoring including: How it works, Live Vs recorded, and cheating

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[Read] Higher Education Germany – Courts permit universities to conduct Remote Proctoring in Germany

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[Read] City & Guilds – Engaged in a controlled launch of Remote Proctoring with plans to roll out more qualifications in 2021

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[Read] Practical Considerations for Applying Remote Invigilation - Practical considerations for applying Remote Invigilation according to Ofqual’s extended extraordinary regulatory framework by PSI

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[Read] NCFE to offer Remote Invigilation for Functional Skills - NCFE are nearing the end of a robust pilot of the system to ensure the system, process, and support materials are all safe, sustainable, effective, and meet the needs of providers and learners.

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[Report] WP21 Report on the NCCA Assessment of Live Remote Proctoring - National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) determines that it is possible for programs to meet the Standards using Live Remote Proctoring (LRP)

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[Read] A Study of Grade Equivalency between Proctored and Unproctored Exams in Distance Education (American Journal of Distance Education)

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[Watch] Paul Crump, Assessment Group Manager, Cambridge English Language Assessment - Remote proctoring: the future of invigilation for e-assessments?

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[Watch] Remote Proctoring and Test Security, Webinar Recording from the Beyond Multiple Choice Conference

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[Watch] The Real and Perceived Barriers to Remote Invigilation: Understanding the Impact of this Technology on Awarding Bodies Today by Louella Morton, TestReach

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[Listen] In the third episode of a new podcast series by the eAA we welcome guests from the e-Assessment Association Community and discuss the impact of COVID-19. Including a discussion with Leo Webster, Customer Success Manager for End Point Assessments at NCFE.

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[Read] New blog by consultant and eAA Board Member, Patrick Coates

If you are now thinking about Remote Proctoring (Remote Invigilation)

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COVID-19 brought with it a significant increase in interest in Remote Proctoring technologies. This is a fast-moving topic, and we will try to keep the community informed about new information and case studies in this area.

The eAA recorded a podcast series on the topic of COVID-19 and Remote Proctoring has featured in it several times. Click here to access this podcast series and look for COVID-19

We welcome information on new providers and solutions, as well as feedback on the information presented below. You can contact the SIG at any point by emailing [email protected] and including 'Remote Proctoring SIG' in the subject line.

What is Remote Proctoring?

In the context of assessment services, proctoring, or invigilation as it is often referred to in the UK, is the process of providing additional observation and monitoring of an assessment session.  The objective is to:

  • Verify the identity of the learner before the test is taken
  • Prevent, identify and report collusion or malpractice
  • Support candidates with any queries or issues

This has traditionally been a role fulfilled by a trusted person physically in the room where a scheduled exam is taking place, either at an educational establishment or an independent dedicated test centre. In the UK or other countries where there is a high trust relationship between the education centre and the awarding body, the invigilator (proctor) may be a member of staff from the centre but is never the tutor.  In all of these cases the invigilator or proctor is present at the centre and the learner must travel to or attend the test location. 

Remote proctoring (invigilation) has become possible with the advent of digital audio and video facilities and the delivery of online exams.  It is increasingly popular where learners are spread across a wide range of locations and/or have engaged in distance learning to reach the point of assessment.  It is also used in accreditation programmes that carry a high risk of malpractice due to the value of the outcomes.  Along with the technology to facilitate remote observation of exam sessions many parallel forms of identity validation have emerged some of which make use of innovative biometric checks and other forms of cognitive fingerprinting.

It is an important component within many e-assessment strategies and can be used alongside many forms of assessment from exams to observed tasks and practical activity.

What support and advice can I find?

The eAA Remote Proctoring Special Interest Group are working hard to provide assessment professionals with help and support in making the most of Remote Proctoring.

Firstly we brought together stakeholders from the UK awarding community in January 2018 and recorded a discussion that you can find below.

Secondly, we have asked key organisations to provide us with case studies, white papers and further information that we will upload to this page shortly.

And thirdly, in addition to the information we are planning to put on this site, we will be planning a number of events and interactive sessions designed to give you the support you need.

Remote Proctoring reduces some of the traditional assessment delivery risks, but it does introduce new risks. Therefore it is a question of finding the right solution for you, asking the right questions and taking an agile approach, running a pilot or series of pilots first. As such, we suggest you talk with organisations that have already used Remote Proctoring before investing in this method of delivery.

Remote Proctoring Solutions

Remote Proctoring SolutionBrief DescriptionFurther Information
Biomids Persistent ProctorBiomids’ Persistent Proctor is a cost-effective, browser-based, proctoring solution offering security, convenience, scalability, and privacy. It combines biometric facial recognition, screen activity capture, and video recording to monitor and authenticate students continuously, without human intervention. Persistent Proctor integrates with major LMSs, is available in stand-alone mode, or as an API.
AIProctorOn the Web, On mobile and in the Cloud: AIProctor is a Next-Generation fully automated Artificially Intelligent Online Remote Exam Proctoring App that, requires no human involvement and frees your institution from the practice of tiresome and tedious fault-prone exam invigilation.
ComproboComprobo is a Biometric ID Verification business who have developed a wide range of services that are focused on the e- Proctoring marketplace.

Our solution has been developed to be able to be a stand alone solution where we can host the test and the ID Verification and Behavioural Monitoring during an exam.
ExamityExamity, the world leader in ID Verification and Online Proctoring software and support, is a multimodal solution ideal for universities and corporations. Customers have the flexibility to select the appropriate level of security, including live, recorded, automated and mobile options. Support is provided around the clock and integration is included.
Gauge OnlineAssign select users the ability to proctor tests. Give each proctor custom levels of access to certification content.
Allow proctors to access specific tests and learning content for a specific group of users.
Supports third party proctoring services that allow testing to be monitored virtually through audio and video.
InsperaInspera Assessment is a secure cloud-based e-assessment platform that covers the entire digital examination process from initial question creation to exam delivery and collaborative marking. Our Inspera Remote Exam remote proctoring solution extends our platform's security performance with lockdown browser, identity verification, advanced monitoring, test session recordings, and improved network
KryterionAvailable Anywhere With Internet Connection
Benefits: Kryterion Certified Proctors; Lockdown browser; Recorded sessions; Customizable alert thresholds.
MettlMettl remote proctoring technology enables organisations to proctor/invigilate candidates remotely without the need of an actual testing centre. It uses a proprietary AI based algorithm to monitor through test-taker’s webcam for any kind of suspicious behaviour during the duration of the test.
Online Remote Proctoring by TalviewThe system also monitors the feeds for any suspicious activity using advanced video and audio analytics. It ensures candidate focuses on test screen during the test, there is enough light in the room and checks for suspicious objects in video and background voice activity to red flag the test.
Proctor Cam by Pearson VueThe problem of securely delivering exams in a remote location — without benefit of an onsite proctor — is solved.

To take an exam from a remote location under the real-time scrutiny of a professional proctor, candidates need: A suitable device; An Internet connection and a webcam

The Pearson VUE proctor monitors your candidates in a live testing session through remote surveillance, unlike some remote proctoring options that merely record testing to audit or play back in the event of a suspicious test result. The ability to monitor test taker behavior as he or she takes your exam translates to confidence for you.
Proctor360Proctor360 offers a range of online services for secure, remote exam delivery. In addition to offering the only "Total View" solution that captures a 360° view of the remote test environment, our platform supports traditional remote proctoring as well as a SaaS solution for institutions with their own proctoring staff.
Proctor ExamsProctor Exams is a user-friendly platform where students can easily take a proctored exam. Proctor Exams delivers a secure, anxiety-free testing experience that is accessible when you want, where you want
ProctorEduOur automated proctoring algorithms monitors the test-taker using 8 behavioral trackers during the test and creates a credibility report once the test is finished.
ProctorExamProctorExam is a fully web-based solution designed to run as a stand alone experience or embedded within an existing assessment environment. Compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems, candidates can take their remote tests using their own equipment, with minimum prerequisites.

Offering multiple and modular monitoring solutions, ProctorExam infrastructure provides greater flexibility to test organisers, ranging from screen-sharing only to a 360° view of a candidate workspace so your assessment environment can adapt to all online test contexts: high stake exams, professional certification or recruitment process.
ProctorFreeProctorFree is an automated, exam proctoring solution that requires no human involvement.

Providing a scalable, online, on-demand exam proctoring service that can be accessed by test takers at any time allows colleges and universities to offer a truly efficient solution to the problem of proctoring exams on a large scale.
ProctorioProctorio’s live and fully automated, remote proctoring service provides a scalable, cost-effective solution for protecting academic integrity by validating student identities, originality and content security during online exams. Proctorio’s customizable exam settings allow instructors to set-up unscheduled, on-demand exam proctoring specific to their assessment needs.
ProctorTrackAs the most student-friendly remote proctoring solution, Proctortrack™ utilizes an automated, proctorless™ approach to offer convenience, comfort, ease of use, and security. Carefully designed with you in mind.
ProctorUThree Proctoring Options to Accommodate Varying Exam Types
Uauto - Multi-factor identification, artificial intelligence-based (AI) behavior analysis, annotated video, and more. We can also customize our automated solution to your needs. Great for lower to mid-stakes exams.
Ulive+ - Professionally-trained live proctors supported by AI-based behavior analysis. Automated detection, proactive prevention. A good option for any online exam.
Upro - Our live proctors augmented by AI, with additional layers of customization per the clients needs. Perfect for professional testing and certifications in every industry.
ProProctor™ by PrometricThe ProProctorTM remote assessment platform is built on a cloud-native architecture, supported by leading technology solutions, to provide a superior candidate experience, while increasing stability, security, & performance at scale. The ProProctor platform features:

- An intuitive test-taker experience for ease of use
- Advanced security measures, such as AI-assisted human proctoring
- Low bandwith requirements, paired with 24/7 global access
PSI Bridge™The PSI Bridge™ platform provides superior remote proctoring – from customisable test security, identity authentication and multi-modal delivery, to custom reports and analytics. PSI Bridge™ works seamlessly with any test delivery system and supports every phase of assessment – from creation to results review.

PSI’s Innovation Team, with years of experience in remote proctoring, has perfected a product that can be adapted and used in any environment – schools, credentialing programmes and any organisations that are interested in utilising online proctoring for talent assessment. Record and Review Service, Live Remote Proctoring.
QuestionmarkQuestionmark offers a range of proctoring services that help prevent cheating and increase the integrity of assessments. Proctoring Record and Review allows tests and exams to be taken any place, at any time. Questionmark provides an automated system that observes and records the session and flags potential anomalies for later review to help maintain integrity. Proctoring Online allows tests and exams to be taken any place without traveling to a test center. Questionmark provides an online proctor who supervises the test-taker via webcam and audio to ensure a high level of security.

Questionmark’s full-service online assessment tool and professional services help customers to improve their performance and safely meet their compliance requirements. Questionmark enables organizations to unlock their potential by delivering assessments which are valid, reliable, fair and defensible.
SmarterProctoring™ by Smarter ServicesSmarterProctoring™ is the industry’s only complete suite of proctoring solutions including a proctoring management system that organizes and manages all proctoring modalities including-virtual testing center, virtual proctoring, in-person proctoring, and automated proctoring. The software is delivered inside a Learning Management System centralizing the proctoring process.
SMOWLSMOWL is the most robust automatic proctoring solution including the following verifications. The enrollment images of the user are checked against an image provided by the client. SMOWL double checks the identity of the user during the verification process. This double check makes the system be sure about the identity of the user as the whole process is verified against other verified images.
Surpass Online Proctoring from BTLSurpass dual-camera monitoring utilizes smartphone technology, in addition to a webcam, to view the candidate from multiple angles, as well as recording what is happening on-screen. Surpass Online Proctoring provides candidates with an unrivalled user experience and options for ‘live’ or ‘record and review’ to give awarding bodies additional flexibility.
TestReachTestReach is a comprehensive assessment application providing all exam delivery methods including remote proctoring. TestReach remote proctoring utilises its own in-built technology and trained supervisors, and is not an integration with a separate system. Invigilators monitor candidates in real-time, using audio, video and screen-share, plus the session is recorded for reference. Because remote proctoring is an integral part of the application, there are many benefits: It can be ‘switched on’ whenever required, plus professional invigilators understand the underlying assessment application and can put candidates at ease. TestReach is extremely robust and secure, offering a controlled and stable environment for candidates.
UlearnuLearn is a fully equipped online assessment web portal which enables educational institutions to create and conduct cheat-proof online tests assessment anywhere anytime. With the help of our proctoring services we ensure that the integrity of tests is intact. Ulearn is a cost-effective AI based automated online proctoring solution which facilitates academic administrators to create & conduct cheat-proof tests while respecting the privacy of students.
UNIwiseWISEflow from UNIwise is a cloud-based digital end-to-end exam and assessment platform that supports the assessment and feedback lifecycle for students, test writers, assessors and administrators.
WISEflow provides easy access to create, deliver and assess multiple types of exams and assessment, accompanied by tools for feedback, analytics and security. WISEflow covers the majority of traditional exam and assessment formats across the different subject areas at universities and utilise advanced technologies for creating data analytics about the exam and assessment process available to the institution.
WISEflow features remote proctoring functionality by utilising facial recognition and machine learning directly within the platform.
V3 by VICTVSAt VICTVS we believe that no candidate should be at a disadvantage because of where they need to sit their exams. Our remote invigilation technology, V3, gives us the ability to support your candidates wherever they are in the world. Features include:
- Full end to end encryption
- Easy to use candidate interface
- Built in evidential capture
- Flexibility and scalability as standard
- Closed exam environment – delivered to your candidates in accordance with your standards
VoiceProctorVoice ProctorTMis a complete online assessment platform with integrated remote proctoring. From content management to exam creation, Voice Proctor™ has the tools you need. You can effectively manage your organization’s online assessment process using the feature-rich exam creation tools.

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