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As we approach the end of 2022, we take a look back at the winners of 2022, and invite you to vote for your favourite winning project.

Whilst all of the projects are from different categories, they are all projects where technology was used to improve and enhance assessment. These Awards seek to celebrate where the use of technology has enabled transformation, improved outcomes and enhanced learning and teaching.

Below we present the winners of the seven externally and independently voted categories. Read each project summary and watch the short video presentation from each of the winners, then complete the simple form at the bottom of the page, to vote for your favourite.

The winner of the People's Choice Award, sponsored by The British Council, will be announced at the e-Assessment Association's End of Year Wrap-Up webinar on 7th December; and we will be opening the 2023 Awards entry form the following week. Week commencing 12th December!

01 - Winner of Best International Implementation 2022

NEBOSH International Digital Assessments

Category: Best International Implementation, kindly sponsored by TestReach

Keep the learner journey going for every learner, everywhere in the world. Transforming from traditional paper-based, live-invigilated, closed-book assessment examinations to digital, across all international time zones.

"NEBOSH was a traditional paper-based, live-invigilated, closed-book assessment examination board, with no digital assessments. The pandemic stopped our assessments across the world overnight. Our core objective is to ensure workers have the skills, knowledge and understanding to make workplaces safer: we were determined to keep the learner journey going for every learner, everywhere in the world.

We engaged a new e-learning partner (Open LMS) and redesigned our traditional assessments in line with our Regulator’s principles and our charitable aims. We kept our Learning Partners and learners informed and involved them where we could.

We recognise the benefits of eAssessments for everyone. They not only saved our organisation and our Learning Partners’ livelihoods, they have also increased our global reach to learners who previously did not have access to an examination venue due to their geographical location.

Challenges in accommodating learners from all time zones have been met and we have grown considerably in our registrations for our core certificates, especially in India and the Middle East. We are not stopping with this project either, our aim is to convert existing qualifications and all new ones so we become a predominantly eAssessment organisation."

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02 - Winner of the Best Formative Assessment Project 2022

Nurture – Next-generation Feedback & Assessment

Category: Best Formative Assessment Project, kindly sponsored by Prodigy Learning

Simplifying formative feedback and assessment in schools. Taking a research-backed approach to shifting from summative to formative. The five-step process starts with a platform that explicitly links learning objectives to the feedback, as this is the most effective way to move learning forward.

"Nurture is the next generation of feedback and assessment, simplifying formative feedback and assessment for schools; shifting from summative to formative. Nurture was born from the award-winning social enterprise company called jumpAgrade - which aimed to level the educational playing field for those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. When COVID-19 hit, jumpAgrade had proved beyond a doubt that its research backed framework for delivering powerful and timely formative feedback was effective and could be embedded in response to the pandemic. In its first year of operation, Nurture has worked with over 100 schools across Ireland, the UK and Italy.

Our five-step process is guided by our research backed framework. Our platform explicitly links learning objectives to the feedback, as this is the most effective way to move learning forward. In addition, we guide teachers through the provision of Task, Process and Self-regulated feedback. Finally, along the way we collect student confidence and link it to the student’s success. The teacher now has insights into their students’ confidence, knowledge attainment and can provide powerful feedback. Finally, we ensure students engage with the feedback by closing the feedback loop, this is achieved by withholding the grade behind a self-reflection."

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03 - Winner of the Best Summative Assessment Project 2022

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology

Category: Best Summative Assessment Project, kindly sponsored by Certify Assessments

An integrated AI-enabled summative assessment system for Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, bringing a reduction in cost by 50% and time by 75% and a 90% fall in requests for re-evaluation.

"Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT) is a 70-year-old, large public university located in West Bengal, India It has more than 150K students enrolled and offers more than 300+ courses It conducts more than 6 million assessments annually Conducting the mid and end-term summative assessments for such a large student cohort was major challenge for the University The entire exercise used to take more than 120 days each year Moreover, during all these periods, the various teaching staff were involved only in assessment activities Despite investing time & money over 20% of students filed grievances and asked re-evaluation of their scores each year.

MAKAUT adopted integrated assessment system called UCanAssess, It is an AI-enabled solution that covers the entire range of assessment practices and processes whether offline, online, subjective/viva-voice, or self-scoring The solution also helped in handling all process flows [for all stakeholders] from student registration, question authoring & moderation, exam conduction, AI-assisted remote proctoring, scoring, and finally compilation of all scores to generate student transcripts and certificates.

The implementation has led to reduction in cost by 50% and time by 75% Student grievances and requests for re-evaluation have also fallen by 90% after the implementation of application."

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04 - Winner of the Best Workplace or Talent Assessment Project 2022

The Cabinet Office and Talogy with The CSJT: A multimedia assessment delivering ambitious inclusivity and efficiency goals with the Civil Service

Category: Best Workplace or Talent Assessment Project, kindly sponsored by City & Guilds

The Civil Service Judgement Test. A multimedia assessment delivering ambitious inclusivity and efficiency goals with the UK Civil Service.  Leading the way in creating a disability-inclusive culture.

"The Civil Service is an organisation of over 400,000 employees and is committed to improving the delivery of public services for everyone in society. The Government Recruitment Service (GRS), who support the Civil Service’s recruitment needs, were keen to reflect this focus on public service, inclusion and accessibility in their new online test process they wanted to implement.

The Civil Service Judgement Test (or CSJT) was the first in a suite of online assessments designed by the GRS (in collaboration with PSI) to deliver accessible, engaging and realistic assessments to attract and identify talent from all walks of life. The aim of the CSJT and other assessments was for the Civil Service to lead the way in creating a disability-inclusive culture where colleagues can realise their full potential with recruitment processes that are accessible to all.

Since the launch of the CSJT, it has been used to assess over one million people, with the number of requests for adjustments by disabled test takers reduced by an incredible 80%. The Civil Service has also estimated that the implementation of the test, has saved £3.5M in resources in under two years, due to no longer needing to manually screen job applications."

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05 - Winner of the Best Transformational Project Award 2022

Excelsoft Technologies – Assessing and Certifying Home Care Aide Workers for Geriatric Care

Category: Best Transformational Project Award, kindly sponsored by SQA

Assessing and Certifying Home Care Aide Workers for Geriatric Care. Effectively digitizing paper-based assessments at scale (2 million + online assessments).

"SEIU (Service Employees International Union) 775 Benefits Group is a large nonprofit training organization in Washington State in the United States with a mission to improve the skills, health and stability of the caregiving workforce through innovative high-quality benefits and programs. They train and certify 60,000+ home-care aid workers every year who provide high-quality home-care, nursing home-care and other day health services.

SEIU 775 was using traditional paper-based assessments for assessing and certifying the skill sets of caregivers. To digitize their assessment processes, SEIU sought a comprehensive online testing solution that addressed certain unique requirements such as support for multiple native languages, compatibility across various devices and an innovative way to facilitate and evaluate practical examinations. Additionally, SEIU wanted visibility into the impact of their training to be able to measure the efficacy of their programs.

Excelsoft’s team worked closely with the staff and management at SEIU 775 to understand their needs in detail, design and implement a digital online assessment solution, based on Excelsoft’s comprehensive, smart, secure and reliable SarasTM Test and Assessment platform.

Since the launch of the project, 2 million+ online assessments have been delivered on the platform completely transforming the overall assessment strategy of the organization."

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06 - Winner of the Best Research Award 2022

Examity, Inc with Remote proctoring: 6 common test-taker challenges

Category: Best Research Award, kindly sponsored by RM

Remote proctoring: 6 common test-taker challenges. Unique research project contributing to the whole community. Building conclusions from over 2 million proctored exams / data points from 2020.

"We believe that the judging panel ought to shortlist Examity's research published in 2021 because it is unique in the online proctoring space. But why?

There was a clear research / knowledge gap in the online proctoring sector
There was a clear lack of research grounded in primary data (as opposed to secondary desktop research)
Whilst there were marketing interests, the research actually extends beyond Examity's commercial need
Many organisations in the certification, qualification and HE sectors that are new to online proctoring did not have access to research
Our research is uniquely focused and centred around test-takers
Our research makes practical recommendations based on experience and unrivalled data sampling.

The research is unique because it derives conclusions from over 2 million proctored exams / data points in 2020. From this data, we narrowed our research output to 6 key findings: the most common challenges test-takers face when undertaking an online proctored exam.

Key findings and observations

1. Difficulty connecting to a proctor
2. Unexpected challenges in appointment scheduling
3. Confusion over exam logistics and results
4. Confusion surrounding exam rules
5. Data privacy and security concerns
6. Trouble finding an ideal test environment."

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07 - Winner of the Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment 2022

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) with ACER Signum – online Standard Setting application

Category: Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment, kindly sponsored by Vretta

ACER Signum – a new, innovative online, secure Standard Setting application. A new contribution to the field of e-assessment.

"ACER facilitates standard setting in numerous assessment contexts. The pandemic prompted us to develop an online secure standard setting platform.

This raised new data security challenges. We needed a process for collecting judgments that was robust, but simple and straightforward for users. The solution needed to handle multifarious assessment formats and diverse contexts.

Adopting the ‘double-diamond’ product design process, we developed an online application named Signum. This product design process minimised the time from product ideation to delivery. Multiple trials provided valuable feedback that was translated into new features.

Signum is now being used for several Angoff variations, the Bookmark method, and Pairwise comparison studies. A continuous integration and deployment pipeline, utilising latest web-stack technologies, ensures a quality user experience.

Clients have been highly receptive to the software, and demonstrations have led to the use of Signum for other data collection and rating activities. Reliability is ensured through automated end-to-end testing. New features can be deployed within hours. The platform has passed a robust penetration test and handles complex content and diverse item formats through screenshots. The design and implementation of Signum demonstrates an agile approach to developing fit-for-purpose software for flexible use – a new contribution to the field."

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“Digital Assessment is now at the forefront of many discussions and is transforming the way assessment is approached across the world. This year entries have once again come in from the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and North America; giving us a real opportunity to learn from those who are innovating, researching, and driving change in the industry.”

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