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WJEC Renew Investment in e-Assessment with Surpass

WJEC Renew Investment in e-Assessment with Surpass

WJEC and BTL Learning & Assessment are pleased to announce the renewal of the contract for supplying the Surpass Assessment Platform for the creation, management and delivery of e-Assessments for use in GCSEs and Functional skills qualifications.

WJEC were one of the first UK Awarding Organisations to invest in Surpass after it was launched in 2007. They have taken advantage of its advanced abilities to create and deliver engaging on-screen examination content to be used in summative high-stakes delivery. The content created by WJEC has provided a glimpse into the future of rich media and simulation-based assessments, and the platform has proven itself to be an excellent enabler for producing engaging on-screen assessment, both efficiently and with maximum impact.

This contract renewal is a further indication of WJEC’s commitment to innovation. It has seen many positive responses from candidates and exam coordinators on the opportunities that on-screen delivery offers over and above the more traditional paper-based approach. WJEC has also taken steps to offer some subjects solely on-screen, making full use of the potential.

Keith Myers, CEO, BTL Learning & Assessment said:

“We are extremely pleased with this contract renewal, we see WJEC as a long term partner in both the evolution of Surpass and in e-Assessment. With ETAG hot on the agenda for all Awarding Organisations, more people will be asking ‘why are more exams not taken on computer or created using professional assessment tools like Surpass?’ WJEC can proudly stand up and say it is at the cutting edge”.

WJEC’s Ian Morgan, Assistant Director IT Service Management, added:

“We have seen the platform develop such that we have been able to deliver high-stakes, summative assessments for the last two years without any major issue. The contract renewal allows us to build on that success, exploit recent system developments and maximise the overall value of the Surpass Assessment Platform. We look forward to continuing our partnership with BTL.”

You can try some of the practice material available to candidates using Surpass at the following address:

WJEC Geology Sample Item with animation 1WJEC Geology Sample Item with illustration 2

WJEC Geology Sample Item with illustration 2






Innovation in e-assessment, images provided courtesy of WJEC ( ©WJEC CBAC Ltd 2015


About WJEC

WJEC is a leading awarding body, operating across Wales and England. Qualifications offered by WJEC include: GCSEs, AS/A-levels, Functional Skills, Entry Levels and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Approximately 4,000 examination centres are registered with WJEC, representing approximately 700,000 candidate entries for different subjects at various levels. In addition to offering examinations and assessment, WJEC also provides professional development training courses for teachers and a range of educational support material, both in print and online.

BTL Learning & Assessment

BTL is a leading UK-based provider of assessment systems to universities, awarding bodies, regulators and government bodies. Now in its 30th year, BTL has a proven track record of supplying high quality fit for purpose technology to support assessment and education. Our clients trust and rely on us to deliver and support their high-stakes examinations and our solution, Surpass, is the most widely-used system in the UK’s education market. This year, Surpass passed the important milestone of having delivered 10 million assessments since 2007 across 100 countries. Surpass is a professional solution for the creation, management, delivery, marking of and reporting on summative exams delivered via  paper, desktop, laptop or tablets.



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