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What’s On Your Mind? Industry Professionals Weigh in on Online Proctoring

What’s On Your Mind? Industry Professionals Weigh in on Online Proctoring

Blog republished with kind permission from Examity. The original blog can be read here

Recently, Examity created a survey* to learn more about the top questions, considerations, and prospective opportunities in the online proctoring sphere. We received a lot of responses, making it clear that this subject is definitely top-of-mind for both universities and professional testing organizations.

Below are the four questions we asked and what we learned from individual responses. 

1. What has been your biggest challenge in 2020?
Not surprisingly, most respondents said that their biggest challenges were related to the COVID pandemic. Testing remotely, making sure that staff was set up to work from home, and balancing work and family, were amongst the most popular answers. 

Another significant challenge had to do with concerns around test and academic integrity. As testing moved online, there was a lot of uncertainty about how to ensure the safety and security of exams. To help address these concerns, it is important to use an established online proctoring provider. 

But how do you know which provider is right for you? Consider the following: what kind of exams will you need proctored? Is LTI 1.3 certification important? How many candidates would you like each proctor to monitor at a time? By taking all of this into account, you can ensure that the vendor you choose will match your desired level of security. 

2. What has been your greatest opportunity in 2020?
2020 wasn’t all about challenges. Many organizations seized the opportunity to expand their programs by using new technologies that had previously been underutilized. For example, colleges and universities learned how to incorporate new processes to better engage students online. Remote learning became the norm, which meant that securely delivering tests online was crucial. Many educational institutions didn’t miss a beat because of the ability to use online proctoring for their exams. 

In the professional sector, respondents said that during 2020, they were finally able to accept virtual training and testing programs. Moving more exams online at a faster pace provided significant opportunities for assessment providers to expand their programs, while, at the same time, increase accessibility and decrease costs. For professional organizations, this led to the significant growth of online certifications. 

3. What is your biggest hesitation with online proctoring?
The results of our survey echoed the general concerns that have been raised around online proctoring. Security, validity of results, the potential for content to be leaked, and privacy were the main points of interest, and while these worries may not be unique to the 2020 pandemic, the climate certainly amplified them. . 

The good news is that when you choose an established online proctoring provider like Examity, you can feel confident that privacy and security are our top priorities. Examity is the first and only LTI 1.3 certified online proctoring provider, enabling us to deliver a seamless and secure user experience for test-takers, administrators, and proctors. We meet global privacy requirements, including SSAE-16 certified data centers, role-based authorization, and PCI compliance, so that we can provide you with the highest level of trust when working with us. 

4. What is something you’ve always wanted to know about online proctoring but never asked?
We received a variety of questions covering all sorts of topics. Many respondents wanted to know more about how to get started with online proctoring, or how to get their test-takers set up for success. Here are some helpful posts that will provide guidance on where to begin:

A Test-taker’s Guide to Online Proctoring
Prepare and Connect: Getting Started with Your Proctor
How to Successfully Introduce Online Proctoring Into Your Course

Other questions involved customization and cheating prevention. Along with the various knowledge pieces we have on our website, we would be happy to answer any and all questions that you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime, at 855-EXAMITY, or [email protected], so we can talk through how Examity can best fit your needs. 

* Surveys were conducted during fall 2020 conferences, taking feedback from attendees at ATP, Educause, OLC Accelerate, ICE, and CanvasCon.





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