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The Strength of the risr/ and TEAMCo Partnership

The Strength of the risr/ and TEAMCo Partnership

A blog by Joanne Herman, Marketing Manager, TEAMCo

The strategic alliance between risr/ and TEAMCo leverages TEAMCo’s operational strengths and risr/’s advanced technology. Their combined efforts are dedicated to supporting the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) in providing outstanding assessment services, thereby enhancing exam quality and integrity on an international level.

Operational Synergy: How It Works

Under a newly established agreement, Risr/ and TEAMCo will collaboratively manage the written exam delivery for CAPR across Canada. This includes the setup of pop-up testing centres six times per year and the provision of remote proctoring for ten additional sessions annually. TEAMCo’s responsibilities encompass managing in-person logistics, supplying advanced laptops, overseeing candidate registration, and ensuring seamless exam operations. Concurrently, risr/ manages remote proctoring and the delivery software, ensuring a cohesive integration on our laptops for in-person exams. This joint effort guarantees accessibility, convenience, and maintains high standards of examination integrity.

Recent Success in Canada

Our partnership recently achieved a milestone by successfully conducting exams in Toronto and  Kingston, Ontario, Canada, demonstrating our commitment to excellence. The first onsite exams in May, held in Toronto and Kingston, saw an impressive turnout of 137 candidates. With four more exam dates lined up for 2024, a total of 885 candidates will be tested across eight state-of-the-art test centres. Additionally, there will be ten exam dates in 2025.

Looking Back at the EAA Conference

Earlier this month, on the 11th and 12th of June, TEAMCo exhibited and managed the interactive space at the EAA. Attendees had the opportunity to join us for hands-on interactive sessions to explore the future of test development and delivery in our unique interactive computer suite. The event was a great success, allowing us to showcase our innovative solutions and engage with industry leaders.

Upcoming Event: FAB – Federation of Awarding Bodies

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that TEAMCo will be attending the FAB conference. We look forward to engaging with more industry professionals and discussing how our services can support the evolving needs of awarding bodies.

Together, we provide CAPR with a dependable and adaptable testing solution, facilitating the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) for candidates both nationally and internationally. TEAMCo and risr/’s partnership is a testament to our dedication to delivering superior examination services.

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