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The e-Assessment Question Virtual Conference: 23 June – 9 July 2020

The e-Assessment Question Virtual Conference: 23 June –  9 July 2020

A series of inspirational, insightful and interactive webinars taking place from 23rd June to 9th July 2020:

This is a unique opportunity to come together online and hear from and ask questions of the best practitioners and experts working in e-assessment.

Programme summary:

Week One – Future Gazing and Innovation: 23rd – 25th June 2020

Maren Deepwell, the CEO of the Association for Learning Technology kicks of this week with a keynote reflecting on the past 25 years of learning technology and how the current C-19 crisis may affect our views. The ‘looking ahead’ theme is developed further with looks at how the e-assessment community can support the new skills strategy and the lessons to be learned from national implementation of digital assessment elsewhere. A focus on 21st century skills and how they are being approached will be covered as well as some innovative developments in assessment of mathematics, English and the use of machine learning and ‘big data’.

Week Two – Assessment and Practical Implications: 30th June – 2nd July 2020

Our speakers this week have been involved in significant and large-scale implementations in assessment. Examples of how international awarding organisations leverage the use of online assessment to provide relevant and valid testing on a global scale will be given. How this impacts on regulation and strategy for a nation, approaches in HE and dealing with the ever-present realities of malpractice will be covered. Examples of secure delivery of assessments in challenging circumstances will be discussed and will demonstrate that the technology is often not the issue in making change.

Week Three – Technology, HE and Regulation: 7th – 9th July 2020

The eAA is fortunate to have assembled speakers of international reputation who are leading research and development into areas of assessment that many may not even know exist. New approaches to assessing students’ conceptual understanding will be considered, together with insightful case studies in the HE sector. The contributors have become prominent as thought-leaders in their sectors – not only from a research viewpoint, but also from practical implementation at scale. This week ends with a look at the implications of data protection legislation on the way in which testing can be conducted and a great opportunity to join in a discussion with representatives from the national regulators across the UK.

We invite the e-Assessment community to come together to hear new stories, share cutting‑edge innovations and listen to the best case studies worldwide


Tickets can be purchased for the series, for a week of three webinars, or individually where you can watch the webinar live, or watch after it has finished, on-demand at a time that is more convenient.


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