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TCS iON IntelliGem: Empowering Young learners with 21st Century Skills

TCS iON IntelliGem: Empowering Young learners with 21st Century Skills

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Education is fundamental for achieving full human potential, developing an equitable and just society, and promoting national development. And TCS iON is contributing its bit towards nation development by providing this fundamental opportunity to students in their formative years through many innovative ways. And one such way of imparting education and knowledge is TCS iON IntelliGem. IntelliGem is first of its kind meta-academic platform launched in India which is focused on educating children in a unique contest mode to impart 21st century skills, enabling them to become future leaders and contribute towards nation building. 

Focus on education is changing

Education is fundamental for achieving full human potential, developing an equitable and just society, and promoting all round development. TCS iON has been continuously reimagining how school education can be made holistic, inclusive, and future ready. Most schools across India have largely focused on rote learning and academics, with very little input provided on the additional skills children need beyond academics, to survive in this increasingly competitive world. In this uncertain, complex, globalized and constantly evolving digital world, students are expected to prove their mettle, by navigating through more skills, more capabilities, and inevitably more competition. 

Skills for the future gain credence

Every school has many gems hidden, waiting to be discovered – children with extraordinary minds, abilities, and confidence. With a vision to unearth these very gems and help schools and young learners across the country TCS iON launched IntelliGem, a first-of-its-kind national contest to help the students gain an understanding and appreciation of the much acclaimed ‘21st Century Skills’. These skills (or competencies) are recognized globally as being critical to students’ growth as much as their expertise in subject-specific content knowledge.

About the contest

TCS iON IntelliGem, is structured as a test, helps young learners develop 21st century competencies in five core areas – by providing exposure to topics such as Universal Values, Global Citizenship, Creativity & Innovation, Communication Skills, and Financial Literacy.

Currently for students studying in Grades 5 to 9, participating students go through three rounds of assessments.

  1. Qualifying Stage – 2 online assessments, which are timed. Students get to answer 45 questions within 45 minutes. Leveraging the TCS iON Assessment platform and questions from a pre-created bank, students get a variety of questions, mostly scenario-based ones in audio-video-puzzle formats. Here students’ awareness of the key skills and its components are tested. 
  2. Pre-Finals Stage – The top qualifiers based on their weighted average scores in the 2 online assessments are then interviewed by a panel of experts, leveraging the TCS iON Interaction Manager. In this stage, student’s ability to convey their ideas, communicate fluently and their ability to apply the knowledge are tested.
  3. National Level Grand Finale – The top 2 from each Grade-Topic qualify to the Grand Finale. A total of 50, from the 5 topics and 5 grades make it to the finale and get to compete for the National crown. Students from Grades 5 & 6 compete in the Junior category, and students from Grades 7, 8, and 9 compete in the Senior Category. Here the finalists get to showcase their ability in innovative settings – game based, quiz-based or discussion-debate based rounds.

The Winners and finalists of IntelliGem take home exciting rewards including cash prizes, new age gadgets, trophies, medals, and certificates. The top-performing schools receive national recognition through the IntelliGem ‘School Excellence Award’, for taking the lead in encouraging their young learners with the necessary skills. The school’s leaders are also rewarded for their perseverance in enabling their school children through the 5 months of the contest.

Impact Created

In its 3rd edition this year, the contest went fully ONLINE, and schools from 182 cities across 27 states enthusiastically registered for the contest. Till date, TCS iON IntelliGem has reached 1300+ schools.  We are in the 21st year of the 21st century – a new year, a new decade and clearly a new way to look at what’s possible. The year that just passed by has been a huge surprise to all of us. It has clearly opened our eyes to what’s possible, what’s valuable and what’s non-negotiable. More than ever in the past, we have seen the importance of the 21st century skills, those very competencies that need to be developed early.
Our communication skills were surely tested, fully taken over by technology. Virtual and online meetings, email or digital communication have suddenly made us realise the value of technology in our lives.
Creativity has seen a huge upsurge – when we are heavily constrained, we readily come up with many innovations to solve problems in areas hitherto neglected.
Financial well-being, money, trade, and savings have seen a renewed debate, in these challenging times.
We have suddenly realized that what impacts someone, somewhere, can create problems for everyone, globally. In many ways, it has united the world citizens in ways never possible before, at least in modern memory.
And multiple examples from the past year has shown the importance of human values, and the value of human life.
Given this backdrop, we are happy to have taken the lead much ahead, through TCS iON IntelliGem, in enabling awareness and appreciation of the critical skills children need to practice, hone and master to thrive in a challenging, yet exciting future.
This initiative stands as an inspiration to organizations to build the future of the country through innovative methodologies, thereby continuing to contribute to society by nurturing its young generation.

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