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SQA White Papers on Assessment

SQA White Papers on Assessment

As part of their ongoing activity to support customers with assessment, our sponsors SQA have developed a series of white papers on assessment, which are available to download from their website. 

The white papers focus on different aspects of assessment, and are geared towards supporting Apprenticeship Trailblazers, employers and those working with them.

They can be downloaded on the links below:

White paper 1 – Assessment in Apprenticeships

White paper 2 – Independence in Assessment

White paper 3 – Quality Assurance and Maintenance

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As international leaders in education and training, and Scotland’s national awarding and accreditation body, SQA helps individuals and organisations to realise their potential.

Experts in assessment and renowned for quality and service, SQA is well-placed to help employers and Trailblazers at any stage of their journey.

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