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Remote proctoring – the future of assessment in education?

Remote proctoring – the future of assessment in education?

Douglas Winneg, executive vice president of PSI, writing for Education Technology Magazine, outlines the aspects that must be considered before moving assessments online and bringing in remote proctoring

The growth in online learning has been rapid. Further and higher education no longer demand a physical presence on campus, at lectures or in seminars. Students are increasingly choosing to receive their education remotely, on-demand, at their own pace and at a time that suits their schedule.

These changing expectations have not only led to an exponential rise in online learning, they have also increased the adoption of remote proctoring. Proctoring, or invigilation, is no longer restricted to a scheduled time and a physical exam centre anymore. And the days of students sitting in gymnasiums working with pen and paper are numbered.

To find out more about online proctoring, read the full article on the Education Technology website.

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