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Regulators and Awarding Body Consensus Statement on e-Assessment

Regulators and Awarding Body Consensus Statement on e-Assessment

E-assessment is a small but growing feature of the UK exams and qualifications scene. The consensus statement is the output of a collaboration between researchers and e-assessment managers from the UK qualifications regulators and GCSE and GCE awarding bodies, who have worked together in an e-assessment Technical Working Group (e-aTWG).

The document addresses a situation that is going to be common as e-assessment becomes more widely used in GCSEs and GCEs. That is, an e-assessment and a pencil-and-paper test existing in parallel within a qualification. When that situation occurs, it is very important that assessments delivered in two modes produce comparable results.

The consensus statement summarises an understanding of relevant research issues and makes recommendations for how such issues should be addressed in future.

Download Consensus Statement on Technical Issues in the Early Stages of Using e-Assessment in UK General Qualifications

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