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Prometric® Releases Boost, New Personalized Test Prep Solution  

Prometric® Releases Boost, New Personalized Test Prep Solution  

Prometric Boost helps candidates better prepare for exams to test skills among a widening skill gap 

Prometric has released a new test prep solution called Prometric Boost to provide test-takers with additional personalized learning experiences, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), microlearning, and gamification, to better prepare them for exams. Prometric Boost specifically gears test prep in the content areas needed to close knowledge gaps and help job seekers test critical skills. 

“Prometric has seen an increasing need from our clients for an engagement platform that increases retention of key skills and knowledge, both before and after the assessment process,” said Kevin Pawsey, General Manager, Remote Assessments at Prometric. “Prometric is pleased to work with existing and new clients by offering Prometric Boost as a key part of our AI-powered achievement platform, along with Finetune AI test development and AI remote proctoring. Prometric is committed to bringing innovation to the assessment industry, in addition to constantly improving our core assessment and test development services.” 

The introduction of Prometric Boost comes at a pivotal time for the Assessment Industry in which testing organizations are facing increasing need to provide skills-based exams that meet the requirements of today’s job market. In a recent survey conducted by Wiley, a leader in education research, surveyed among 600 human resources professionals in the U.S., and found that 69% of respondents said that their organization has a skills gap, up from 55% in a similar survey in 2021.  

“Formative assessments as practice tests have shown to help enhance the overall knowledge of important concepts, thereby improving test scores and long-term retention of testing information,” says Lawrence Schwartz, CEO of Trivie. “Enabling Prometric Boost with Trivie’s AI-based assessments platform will bring a proven, higher standard of test prep for any test taker and the assessment industry as a whole.” 

Using a unique and scientifically proven microlearning approach, combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Prometric Boost combines provides personalized learning and item level feedback so candidates can review areas of opportunity for long-term knowledge retention.  

Prometric Boost incorporates expansive visual data, engagement tools, and targeted coaching where applicable so that candidates can better understand their knowledge gaps and how to address those gaps to improve upon their skills.  

Prometric Boost can be fully integrated into an existing e-commerce solution, providing clients with new opportunities for revenue to help grow the reach, influence, and reputation of testing programs. Candidates can also utilize the Prometric Boost mobile app to study on-the-go.  

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