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OET launches computer-based testing at more than 270 test venues in 49 countries

OET launches computer-based testing at more than 270 test venues in 49 countries

OET Launches Computer-based Testing

30 September 2020 Media ReleaseOET News

The organisation announced the news” in a press release at the end of September 2020.

OET, the only global English language test designed for healthcare professionals, has launched a computer-based test that nurses and doctors can take at over 270 venues in 49 countries.

The new test delivery mode will help OET reach more healthcare professionals looking to start their international healthcare career. It will also ensure healthcare systems around the world have access to nurses and doctors with the skills needed to provide safe, quality patient care.

OET’s computer-based testing at venues is accepted by major registration bodies in countries including the UK, Australia and the USA. For a full list of recognising organisations, please see our website.

Three delivery modes, one test

With the launch of the computer-based test, OET candidates will be able to choose between three test delivery modes: OET on paper, OET on computer at a venue and OET@Home, our remotely proctored computer-based test.

The multi-modal approach to testing offers candidates choice, convenience and confidence. The tests themselves are identical as test tasks, format and difficulty stay the same. Importantly, OET on computer retains all the benefits of OET, including a healthcare-specific writing test and a live-human role play.

OET’s Reading, Listening and Writing sub-tests will be delivered through computer, while the Speaking sub-test will continue to be carried out by a human interlocutor via video conferencing software.

The human aspect of the OET Speaking sub-test and the role play task, both of which reflect best practice communication in the healthcare industry, will not be compromised.

Reaching more healthcare professionals

The launch of OET on computer means more healthcare professionals can take OET and begin their international healthcare careers. It also ensures healthcare systems continue to be staffed by nurses and doctors with the right English language and communication skills to provide safe and effective patient care.

Sujata Stead, CEO of OET says: “OET’s vision is to connect the world to better healthcare and our computer-based test ensures more healthcare professionals can sit OET and support global healthcare systems during this tough time.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the need for a multi-modal approach to testing. By launching a computer-based test, OET is able to expand our global testing capacity and frequency. It also offers candidates greater choice, convenience and confidence to make their dream of working internationally a reality.””


Prometric announced the news on LinkedIn last week, stating that it is “proud to help provide greater access to the OET exam, the only global English language exam designed for healthcare workers”. Prometric added “We salute our medical professionals looking to jumpstart their international careers, and who now have the ability to test in nearly 50 countries.


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