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It’s Election Time for the eAA

It’s Election Time for the eAA

We are pleased to announce that we have received nominations from five individuals who are standing for election to one of the 3 eAA Board seats within the individual membership constituency that will become vacant at the AGM on the 16th March 2016.

The online voting has now started and will run until midnight on Friday 11th March, with the results being announced at the AGM.  All members of the eAssessment Association are eligible to vote in this election and can place votes for up to THREE individuals from the list of five nominees. You are not obliged to use all your votes, but you cannot cast more than one vote per candidate.

Each nominee has been asked to supply a brief biography, so as to provide you with an overview of their experience in the assessment world and suitability for election to the eAA Board. You will find these biographies and a photo of each candidate on the voting page.


Before you can cast your votes you will be asked to confirm your last name and your eAA membership number. You should have received an email containing your membership number and a link to the voting pages. If you have not received an email for whatever reason, please contact Karen at [email protected]

We really do encourage you to take part in voting for the new Board members of your association!

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