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Highlights and developments in the assessment industry in 2021

Highlights and developments in the assessment industry in 2021

The Surpass Community delivered some fantastic achievements in 2021.

In a new video: 2021: An assessment year in review - Surpass, Powering Assessment, they reflect on some highlights, and developments in the assessment industry over the last 12 months.

Highlights from at the Surpass Conference in October included:

  • Sean McDonald from telc Language Assessments explaining how Surpass has played a key role in their project to test in 24 languages across Europe.
  • James Young from the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) discussing how they intend to use a new Customisable Question Type (CQT) framework for the assessment of the critical skills of manipulating graphs and developing scales.

The next Surpass Conference takes place  6-7 October in Liverpool, UK!

Highlights from the Surpass team in 2021 included:

  • New relationships with other providers – offering customers a range of remote invigilation suppliers, test development partners and even local on-the-ground support
  • Greater flexibility to publish into other test centre network vendors, including fully adaptive tests
  • Huge increase in Surpass training, with 762 new users
  • Over 150 new features added to Surpass in 2021, including improvements to accessibility and usability, performance enhancements, and amazing features for test creators to make the perfect exams.
  • A standout new feature: the Customisable Question Type, a framework that allows organisations to upload their own new question types outside of the regular Surpass release cycle.
  • Expansion of our online invigilation service.

2021 was also a great year for the assessment industry: we’ve been experimenting with new ways to reach out to the Surpass Community, via industry panels, inviting leaders to discuss their areas of specialty and share their stories, to help us all improve the assessment experience for everybody.

Surpass also welcomed 3 new organisations to the community. Read more here

Thank you to all members of the Surpass Community who have contributed to making 2021 a successful year.



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