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HAN University commences pilot project with Cirrus Assessment

HAN University commences pilot project with Cirrus Assessment

Cirrus Assessment is delighted to announce that Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen has commenced a pilot project using the Cirrus e-Assessment Platform.

University College Arnhem / Nijmegen required a high-stakes e-Assessment solution for the creation and delivery of their exams for exact sciences. Choosing the solution from Cirrus Assessment allowed them to take full advantage of the outstanding mathematics tools from Cirrus partners, SOWISO BV. These tools are exclusively integrated into the Cirrus Platform and this combination of exceptionally user friendly solutions made Cirrus the ideal choice.

Vegard Sivertsen, CEO Cirrus Assessment

“We have been working alongside HAN for almost a year and have received valuable feedback from them, helping us to create the best possible solution to support assessment of exact sciences. We are delighted to have been chosen for this pilot project.”

Rene Beem: HAN

“When we saw the combination of Cirrus and SOWISO we were thrilled. We have spent a considerable amount of time searching for the right solution to support our exact science courses. When we came across Cirrus we knew that this was the solution we had been looking for. We can now commence a 6 month pilot project with the confidence that the combination of Cirrus and SOWISO will deliver exactly what we need.”


About HAN

HAN University of Applied Sciences offers high-quality and practice-based education in an innovative, entrepreneurial and international setting. HAN is one of the top universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. With campuses in both Arnhem and Nijmegen, in the east of the Netherlands, HAN has over 30,000 students.

About Cirrus Assessment

Cirrus Assessment is an international provider of cloud based, e-Assessment solutions. Harnessing the power of the cloud, the Cirrus Platform supports educators and learners throughout the entire assessment process. It has been designed with ease of use in mind and operates across any browser enabled device including smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops.



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