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Elected to the Board. Why get involved?

Elected to the Board. Why get involved?

New Board Member, Fiona Harvey, gives a brief insight into why she has stepped forward to help the Association.

Having worked in higher education for over 20 years and had experience of being a school governor and trustee for two other organisations when I saw that there was an election to membership to the Board for the eAA I jumped at the chance. Being elected to the role was a very proud moment for me as I threw my hat into the ring and shared on various social media spaces. I was so very happy to hear that my peers also thought I should be on the Board and so when I heard I had been elected I was very excited. Within a month I’d met new people and even became involved in a pilot with a group of Universities as a direct result of my role with the eAA. My term for the other organisations, The Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and for The Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA) involved lots of exciting and interesting things and I hoped that it would be the same for the eAA.

Once of the best things about working with other people from outside your organisation is that you get a sense of what is happening across the sector. With the eAA, I also find out what is happening in industry as well as schools, FE and Higher education. Volunteering my time in this way has benefits both the eAA and my workplace and I’m excited to see what we will be doing over the coming year. I intend on being an active member and getting involved as much as I can (my motto is always ‘be useful’) I am helping with the conference committee and have just been invited to participate on a Panel with the eAA at BETT in January. See you there!

Note from the Editor: The eAA Board is made up of both individual members and corporate members, as per our constitution. Elections are held each year, where there are more nominations than places available. We are delighted that Fiona has joined us for the next three years. If you would like to know more about our current board, see here.

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