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eAA Board Member authors “Apples and Oranges”- a book on diversity and inclusion

eAA Board Member authors “Apples and Oranges”- a book on diversity and inclusion
eAA Board Member Rajeev Menon has co-authored “Apples and Oranges” with Dr. Varsha Sreevatsa.

This book is a practical take on implementing an impactful diversity and inclusion culture throughout organizations and in personal life. The book opens out various elements of cognitive diversity and total inclusion and provides a framework to implement it. It also has multiple worksheets that acts to help you reflect and self evaluate where you are today so that appropriate steps can be taken towards this journey that can prove to be revolutionary for your organization.
Rajeev says:

“Apples & Oranges is book i co-authored with Dr.Varsha Sreevatsa, a knowledgeable I/O psychologist,  that features a slightly different but enhanced take on Diversity & Inclusion that is sustainable and likely to see easier business adoption.
One of the reasons I coauthored this book was to help corporates, organizations and individuals to take up the journey towards Diversity & Inclusion in a guided manner. In the area of assessments, there has been a great amount of discussion around the area of bias and adverse impact. From the perspective of Total Inclusion, it is important for assessment providers to ensure that the tools they develop and deploy are statistically proven to be unbiased and free of any adverse impact.
The other impact in line with what we discuss in the book is for assessment providers to develop tools that help individuals and organizations gauge their current standing on inclusion and its factors as well as diversity and its components”.

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