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e-Assessment Association announcement – Matt Wingfield Stepping Down as Interim CEO

e-Assessment Association announcement – Matt Wingfield Stepping Down as Interim CEO

The e-Assessment Association announces that Matt Wingfield is stepping down from his role as Interim CEO of the association.

Matt was a founding member of the association and has been a board member for over 11 years including 9 years as Chairman and more recently nearly 2 years in the role of interim CEO.

During that time the association has grown and developed from being a small group of individuals who were passionate about promoting the use of technology to deliver fairer assessments into an organization with over 3,100 members and 35 sponsors in the UK and internationally. In recent times the scope of the association has grown even further with the creation of the hugely successful International Conference and Awards.

The board of the eAA has put in place a process to appoint a permanent CEO and we will announce more shortly.

Graham Hudson, Chair of the eAA, commented on Matt’s decision to step down at Interim CEO:

“On behalf of the board and all of our members and sponsors, I would like to thank Matt for the commitment, passion, expertise and energy he has brought to his roles as Chair, Interim CEO and board member of the e-Assessment Association.

“Everyone involved in the eAA understands what a pivotal role Matt has played in the growth and development of the association throughout its life.  This includes the creation of the hugely successful International eAssessment Awards, now in their seventh year, as well as being instrumental in establishing the eAA’s own annual conference.  Matt’s leadership and vision for the association and its mission and values has been a consistent thread in our development and success.

“As Chair for many years, Matt gave incredibly generously of his own time and energy to provide leadership and focus to the association as it sought to establish itself as an influential voice within the assessment community.  Matt’s own expertise, connections and leadership across the assessment industry have played a huge part in the successful achievement of this goal.

“In recent years Matt and the board recognised that the structure of the association needed to adapt to meet the demands of a fast-growing organisation with an increasingly international reach.  To do this we created the role of CEO with the remit to focus on commercial growth and lead the delivery of the board’s strategy for the association.  The board are very grateful to Matt for the way in which he took on this interim role to ensure a smooth transition and establishment of our new structure.

“We are delighted that Matt is going to continue to play a leading role within the eAA including continuing the work with Special Interest Groups and strategic partnerships which has been so crucial in building the association’s links with key stakeholders within the assessment community.

We thank Matt for his work as Chair and Interim CEO and look forward to his ongoing help and support as the eAA continues to find new ways to deliver our mission to ‘promote better assessment of knowledge, skills and capabilities of people through technology”


Matt Wingfield, Interim CEO of the eAA commented:

“I have very much enjoyed my time as Chair and Interim CEO for the eAA and I am excited about the future for the association.

“My passion and belief in the power of technology to support fairer and more authentic assessment remains as strong now as it did when I first became involved with the association in 2008.  As the eAA approaches its fifteenth anniversary, I look back with immense pride and satisfaction at the progress the eAA has made during my tenure and I am excited about its future and the role the eAA will continue to play in supporting the use of technology enabled assessment.  The eAA is now extremely well placed to deliver our mission with even greater impact across the international assessment community.

“There will never be a perfect time to step back from roles that I have enjoyed so much but I feel that, now the structure and role of the CEO is established for the association, the time is right for a new team to deliver the exciting strategy that the board and I agreed at the end of 2022

“Although I have always enjoyed and valued the time I have given to the eAA, it does inevitably distract from my own independent consultancy work and I would like to have more time to develop this further, as well as to support my wife through what is likely to be a difficult period in her life.  A key part of the forward plan for the association is to increase our international reach and presence and this will involve more international travel than my other commitments will currently allow.

“I am very much looking forward to continuing my work within the eAA and ensuring a smooth transition to the new CEO and Executive team as those appointments are announced.”

If you have any questions or would like any further information then please contact Graham Hudson ([email protected])

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