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Dr Graham Orpwood Podcast

Dr Graham Orpwood Podcast

In this episode, we invite you to listen to Dr Graham Orpwood, winner of the e-Assessment Association’s Lifetime Contribution Award 2022, in conversation with Pilar Cloud, a member of the eAA.

Pilar is an experienced business and non-profit leader in the education technology sector, and agreed to meet with Graham to talk about his experiences of over fifty years working in education and assessment on both sides of the Atlantic.

Graham's interview takes us all over the world, starting with the captivating story of the Ontario College Math Test. Graham shares his thoughts on how assessment has evolved over the last 50 years, what he sees as the future, his thoughts on the eAA itself and the role it plays, as well as touching on our individual responsibility as members of the assessment community to play our part in spreading the word that "we need to move on from this fixation of the written examination that we still seem to live with."

This podcast is also available as a webinar - listen here

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