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Cirrus Assessment Partners with Keelson Marine to Elevate Maritime Safety and Training Standards

Cirrus Assessment Partners with Keelson Marine to Elevate Maritime Safety and Training Standards

Cirrus Assessment, is excited to announce its new partnership with Keelson Marine Assurance, a renowned marine consultancy firm.

With this partnership underway, Cirrus Assessment has become the new e-assessment provider for Keelson, representing an advancement in maritime safety and education. By leveraging Cirrus Assessment’s robust e-assessment platform, known for its security and reliability, Keelson Marine strives to resolve the unique challenge of improving knowledge for critical Dynamic Positioning (DP) personnel at sea.

Keelson offers specialised services in Dynamic Positioning (DP), a crucial system for maintaining ship position and heading control using its own propellers and thrusters. This technology is essential for offshore operations in industries such as oil, gas, and wind energy, where precise positioning is needed, without the need for fixed structures or anchors, to execute often complex industrial operations. Recognising the importance of operator expertise, Keelson has partnered with Cirrus Assessment to implement their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by the mobile and busy DP critical staff.

Cirrus Assessment’s resilient platform will deliver high-stakes exams directly to DP personnel at sea, enabling Keelson to conduct uninterrupted assessments, regardless of location or environmental conditions. This partnership enhances maritime safety by ensuring operators possess the necessary knowledge to manage complex DP systems, significantly reducing the risk of costly and dangerous position loss incidents.

Vegard Sivertsen, CEO and Founder of Cirrus Assessment, commented,

‘We are thrilled to partner with Keelson, renowned for their maritime expertise and commitment to safety. Our collaboration enables DP operators to access vital training and CPD certification anytime, anywhere. Whether they are managing operations on a research vessel in Arctic waters or docked in their home port, our platform ensures that they can take their exams with confidence and ease.”

“Our partnership with Cirrus Assessment has significantly elevated our DP CPD program” stated Elizabeth Dann, Managing Partner at Keelson. “Cirrus’s platform not only saves time and simplifies the management of online assessments, but also introduces a streamlined blueprint feature. This simplifies the process of aligning assessments with specific learning objectives and enhances the user experience. The intuitive design and operational efficiencies of Cirrus ensure DP personnel receive the highest quality training, wherever they are. The Cirrus platform really allows us to customize solutions for our corporate clients. We are able to manage their DP learning programs in the way that they need, ensuring their employees receive the most effective learning experience.”

About Cirrus Assessment

Cirrus Assessment is committed to simplifying the e-assessment experience with exceptional support and customer service that removes the stress from online exams. Our end-to-end online exam platform streamlines every aspect of the assessment process—from booking and creation to delivery, marking, analysis and credentialing. Educators can develop superior exams with sophisticated question types, structured blueprints, and comprehensive psychometric analysis. As a leader in high-stakes exam security, Cirrus integrates advanced anti-cheating technology, boasts ISO 27001 certification, and maintains 99.9% uptime.

About Keelson Marine Assurance 

Keelson Marine Assurance LLC is a marine consultancy based in Houston, Texas. In addition to providing  all forms of marine consulting, with focus on dynamic positioning, the company has been a leader in DP CPD development. Keelson was the first to receive Nautical Institute (N.I) recognition for a DP CPD program and the first N.I accredited CP CPD body in April 2023. The program continues to evolve and develop and has been used by oil companies, vessel operators and independent practitioners. Keelson is ISO9001:2015 accredited and maintains ISNetworld contractor certification, to learn more about us visit

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