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Why enter the International e-Assessment Awards?

Why enter the International e-Assessment Awards?
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by Teresa Jacobs, e-Assessment Association Board Member

So, you’ve had a look at our 2023 award categories and now you are wondering if you enter this year's Awards. A few years ago, in fact when the e-Assessment Awards were first launched, I was in the same situation. It had been an amazing year, with some far-reaching changes having been implemented and my small team and I were feeling pretty smug, fulfilled and upbeat, even special. We took the decision to take that nice fuzzy, job-well-done feeling to the next stage. We gathered our pride and bolstered up our confidence and decided to metaphorically shout from the rooftops about our achievements. We entered the International e-Assessment Awards. 

We were not a company who makes entering awards a key activity every year. If you work for a company that encourages this so much the better. Whether you have entered the e-Assessment Awards previously, or are thinking about doing so for the first time, here are a few reasons why you should enter the 2023 e-Assessment Awards.

1. Recognition

Winning or being shortlisted for an award is a recognition of your achievements. Having a project reviewed by an expert panel provides a benchmark against others in the industry and is external validation of the quality of a project. It is also a great way to gain internal recognition if you work in a large organisation where only your immediate team really knows what you have done. Entering for an award as a team is a great way to get your team to really articulate how they contributed and what they did well. It’s great to stop and reflect on what went well. Finally, without being over simplistic, it does no harm to go into your annual appraisal with an award trophy under your arm.

2. PR opportunities

Being shortlisted for an award provides your company and even yourself with lots of PR opportunities over a 12 month period to raise your profile. Make the most of the PR at the awards event but also generate your own over the following year and beyond. The physical trophy may get dusty over time but it still looks good on your company and personal profile.

3. Clarity

Entering awards often gives you clarity about what you do as an organisation, how you do it, and often why you do it. It can also help you understand the benefits of a particular project. For example, for the ‘Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment’ Award, we accept that not all innovations in e-assessment go on to become a commercial success, but submitting a project for this award may provide you with additional insight to help your business in other areas.

4. Networking

Entering an award is an opportunity for you to engage with the members of the e-Assessment Association and your industry peers. As part of the e-Assessment Awards, finalists and winners have the opportunity to share their project published on the eAA main website and promoted on social media. Your work reaches the wider e-assessment community and you will have the opportunity to introduce your work outside your usual circles. New opportunities and new contacts may well come as a result of your work being in the spotlight. Check out the 2022 winners and finalists.

5. Staff recruitment and retention

Just writing up an award entry, let alone winning an award, is a great way to recognise the achievements of an organisation, with the effect extending beyond the immediate project team. It creates a sense of pride and achievement. It can even help attract new talent when applicants can verify that they are joining a winning team.

Still thinking about entering the 2023 e-Assessment Awards?

Awards are there to be won and celebrated. If you don’t enter you cannot win. If you enter you are recognising your own and your team’s contributions. If you win it really is a worthwhile accolade.

Don’t forget you can enter a project you have entered in previous years as there is a new judging panel each year. Use the feedback you were given and try again,

Want to know more about the 2023 e-Assessment Awards? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions on our website here.

Not sure which award to enter for? If you are still uncertain you are most welcome to discuss your entry with us. Drop an email to [email protected]

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